Volume 4 Part 1 Article 49: Mushroom Growing in Poland

Volume 4 Part 1 Article 49
Year 1960
Title: Mushroom Growing in Poland
Author: T. Bukowski


As chairman of the Polish Mushroom Growers’ Association I take the liberty of presenting a short report on the situation of mushroom growing in Poland in the past and at present.

It is rather, difficult to get exact information concerning the introduction of mushroom growing in Poland. In Polish horticultural textbooks of the XIX century we find many references on mushroom growing. Polish magnates who visited France during the 18th century brought with them French gardeners who started mushroom growing in their estates in Poland. Strumillo (1823) in the second edition of his book “Ogrody Polnocne” devoted a whole chapter to mushroom growing in which he described the current Polish method of growing mushrooms. From this book we learn that mushrooms in Poland were grown outdoors on beds of composted horse manure from which straw was removed. Dried spawn from exhausted beds was used. The beds were prepared in autumn then spawned, cased with soil, covered with a thin layer of straw and with a thick layer of hot horse manure. Picking began in spring and extended over summer. Czempinski (1841) in his book “Powszechne Ogrodnictwo” describes methods of outdoor mushroom culture, growing in glasshouses and in special brick-built mushroom houses. The first Polish book dealing with mushroom culture entirely was published by Teodorowicz in 1926.

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