Volume 4 Part 1 Article 38: Watery Stipe Disorder of Mushrooms

Volume 4 Part 1 Article 38
Year 1960
Title: Watery Stipe Disorder of Mushrooms
Authors: I.F. Storey and E. Lester


During recent years there has been an increasing tendency for a disorder of unknown origin to occur in crops in the British Isles. Various names have been given to it, including watery stipe, brown disease and La France, but it has not been possible to identify this recent trouble with the published account of La France given by Sinden and Häuser (8). However, these authors have agreed that the disorder is identical with La France (Anon (1)). In this account the name watery stipe is used in preference to brown disease in order to avoid any confusion with the characters associated with the brown strains of the mushroom. The present investigation was started in order to obtain information as to its cause and above all to establish whether or not an infectious agent was responsible. A preliminary account of the early investigations was given by Storey (12).

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