Volume 4 Part 1 Article 37: “Open Veiled” or “Hard Gilled” Mushrooms

Volume 4 Part 1 Article 37
Year 1960
Title: “Open Veiled” or “Hard Gilled” Mushrooms
Authors: C.R. Rasmussen, M.G. Amsen and G. Holmgaard


Open-veiled or hard-gilled mushrooms are a well-known feature in commercial mushroom production in a number of countries. The “disease” syndrome has been described in most books on mushroom growing. This syndrome is more or less identical to what is known as “hârde champignons” in Denmark.

Before a description of the different experiments is given, mention must be made of the pattern of the disease as observed by studying many infested mushrooms in a large number of diseased crops. Observations were primarily made during the 6th experiment (1956) when a very severe attack of hard-gilled mushrooms occurred. 66% of the plots, i. e. trays and shelves, produced hardgilled mushrooms. The disease was observed both in pinheads and in fullgrown mushrooms. It appears that many different names used both in literature and by mushroom growers cover the same disease.

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