Volume 4 Part 1 Article 30: Industrial Research and Investigations into Some Factors Affecting Yield

Volume 4 Part 1 Article 30
Year 1960
Title: Industrial Research and Investigations into Some Factors Affecting Yield
Authors: E. Häuser and J.W. Sinden


It is a characteristic of modern times that the importance of organized scientific research in world economic development is being recognized. This fact has given a powerful impetus to scientific research, the scope of which surpasses the present-day capacity of State institutions, universities and technical laboratories. In the Western world, industrial concerns with their industrial research facilities have therefore started participating in this work on a large scale. After first confining themselves to applied technology, ever more concerns have gone over to carrying out basic research themselves and, in long-range programmes, to studying fundamental problems of great scope (e.g. Bell Telephone, General Electric, Eastman Kodak and Dupont de Nemours in the United States, Ciba and Hoffmann Laroche in Switzerland).

For the mushroom industry, too, scientific research is a key to progress. Only a decade ago this research was concentrated in the mushroom research laboratories at the universities, agricultural research stations and technical institutes. This picture has changed considerably. Particularly in the United States, but also in Europe scientific research and technical investigations are being carried out by scientifically trained staff in several plants of the mushroom industry, which contribute to furthering our knowledge on the subject. The need for such industrial research is due in the first place to increasing economic pressure – not only in the competition of the various mushroom cultures among themselves, but also in the competition of other products that are vying for the consumer’s favour. Another problem is to keep abreast of the general development in other industries, as the production costs of mushrooms are also being strongly influenced by prices and wages of domestic and foreign markets.

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