Volume 4 Part 1 Article 29: Further Experiments with Pig Manure

Volume 4 Part 1 Article 29
Year 1960
Title: Further Experiments with Pig Manure
Author: C . Riberrasmussen


Several experiments with pig manure as a growing medium have been carried out over a number of years. It has been shown that pig manure appears to be a very good substitute for horse manure and it can be used without adding any other kinds of organic manures. In some ways pig manure differs widely from horse manure, and it should be mentioned that 1) pig manure requires much less water added during the outside composting than horse manure and 2) that pig manure compost tends to be very greasy even when large amounts of inorganic supplements are added and finally 3) peak-heating is all important.

Detailed reports have been published about the experiments on which these findings are based. (1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8., 9. and 10.).

Many investigations remain to be carried out in order to obtain exact information. Little knowledge is available as yet about the actual processes during composting and peak-heating. All that is known is that the two culture mediums behave very differently. The facilities for basic work at the Danish Mushroom Research Station are unfortunately very poor.

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