Volume 4 Part 1 Article 20: Biology of Mushroom Phorids

Volume 4 Part 1 Article 20
Year 1960
Title: Biology of Mushroom Phorids
Author: N.W. Hussey


The purpose of this paper is to bring together the available knowledge on the biology of those species of Phorids which attack mushrooms, supplementing the information in the literature with our own observations.

In Western Europe three species have been recorded as pests of cultivated mushrooms: Megaselia nigra (Mg.) (= albidihalteris (Felt)); M. halterata Wood (= plurispinosa (Lundbeck)) and M. bovista Gimmerthal. Until recently the most important of these was M. nigra but in 1953 growers in southern Britain were affected by an unprecedented attack by M. halterata. Apart from the record by Broekhuizen (1938) this species had not been regarded as a mushroom pest, although Moreton (1955) stated that it had been common in glasshouses for some forty years previously. M. bovista is classified as a pest on the basis of a single outbreak reported by Colyer (1956) in Shropshire, England.

Thomas (1942) reported four species as mushroom pests in America: M. nigra, M. flavinervis Malloch, M. agarici Lint., and M. iriquoiana Felt.

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