Volume 17 Part 1 Article 70: Getting Ready to Expand the Mushroom Farm

Volume 17 Part 1 Article 70
Year 2008
Title: Getting Ready to Expand the Mushroom Farm
Author: B. Driessen


When existing mushroom farms wish to expand or upgrade they often choose for the latest technology available. In terms of compost this would mean a change from conventional windrows to composting on aerated slabs or in aerated bunkers. Although this may seem a fairly easy move, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration. These include options for proper mixing and handling of the material, air pressure and capacity required at various stages, control of moisture level, and filling heights. Also requiring consideration is the change from phase II and III in trays or shelves to bulk-handing systems in terms of size and construction of the tunnels, machines and controls needed, and the difference between phase II and III tunnels. Such changes will also have an impact on the farm as a whole and compost produced in a bulk system needs to be handled differently in the growing rooms

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