Volume 17 Part 1 Article 6: A general review of the Chinese mushroom industry

Volume 17 Part 1 Article 6
Year 2008
Title: A general review of the Chinese mushroom industry
Authors: Liangcheng Chen, Baogui Xie and M.P. Wach


China is the largest mushroom producer, consumer and exporter in the world. The annual output of mushrooms is more than 10 million tonnes, and around 60 varieties are widely cultivated. Over 18 million people are involved in the industry. These figures are increasing every year. People in China have long used mushrooms as medicine, and more and more medicinal values are being discovered in mushrooms. Simple and modern technologies are used to grow, process and market mushrooms. Most mushrooms are grown seasonally but, with the strong economic growth in the country, increasing quantities fresh mushrooms are being consumed domestically, and year-round production is developing very rapidly. The industry is paying greater attention to quality and safety. The industry is innovating and modernising. There are huge opportunities for investment, research, training and marketing in the mushroom industry.

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