Volume 17 Part 1 Article 52: Bioactive Mushroom Molecules for Integrative Medicine

Volume 17 Part 1 Article 52
Year 2008
Title: Bioactive Mushroom Molecules for Integrative Medicine
Author: J. Poppe


Besides phytotherapy, mycotherapy is a large component of integrative medicine, which is a harmonious synergy of classical and complementary health protection. The mycotherapy terminology was initially used only for penicillin in 1928. But very soon several other medicinal molecules were detected in micro- and macro-fungi. Our condensed unique text gives an alphabetic world survey on mycotherapy, filtered from more than 250 scientific publications. Of course, this long and deep study of the literature enriched us with numerous fast developing medicinal mushroom applications, which are the most frequent in Japan, China, the USA, Germany and The Netherlands. In Europe we see a growing interest in the slogan ‘White Revolution’ for mycotherapy, compared to the green revolution for phytotherapy. Nevertheless, for some molecules double-blind studies still have to be finished before general use can be started.

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