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2008, Volume 17AuthorArticle 
Underground Drugs: Manufacture of Biopharmaceuticals in MushroomsC. Peter Romaine126
The Enigma of Double-Stranded RNA (dsRNA) Associated with Mushroom Virus X (MVX)J.R. Rao, H.S. Shekhar Sharma, D.W.A. Nelson and S. McClean228
Food Safety Assurance in the Mushroom IndustryL. Korsten330
Genomics of Mushroom-Forming FungiR. Ohm, J.F. de Jong, A.S.M. Sonnenberg, L.G. Lugones and H.A.B. Wösten447
Nutrition Research – the Future Begins NowM.J. Feeney552
A general review of the Chinese mushroom industryLiangcheng Chen, Baogui Xie and M.P. Wach670
Nucleotide Sequence Polymorphisms of the Partial β-Tubulin Gene in Two Varieties of Pleurotus eryngiiA.E. Rodriguez Estrada, D.J. Royse and M.M. Jimenez-Gasco783
Development of Strain-Specific SCAR Markers in Lentinula edodesChunYan Song, Qi Tan, Lian Hua Qin and Ming Jie Chen897
Study on the Expression of Cold-Induced Cor3 Gene from Volvariella volvacea by Real-Time Quantitative PCRHong Wang, and Ming-Jie Chen9110
Quality Prediction of Agaricus bisporus Mushrooms by Gene ExpressionJ.J. Mes, E.A. Hendrix, H. Harkema, J. Amsing, J. Peters, S. Bastiaan-Net and A.S.M. Sonnenberg10117
Molecular Characterisation of the Interaction between Agaricus bisporus and Its Mycopathogen Verticillium fungicolaJ. Thomas, M. Sergeant, A. Costa, P. Collopy, A. Bailey, G. Foster, P. Mills and M. Challen11123
Variability in commercial and wild isolates of Agaricus species in BrazilF. Silveira Bueno, A. Romão, M. Wach, W. Luiz Araújo and J. Lúcio Azevedo12135
Study on the Biological Characteristics of Wild Agaricus bisporus Strains from ChinaZesheng Wang, Jianhua Liao, Hongrong Li, Bo Wang, Meiyuan Chen, Zhenghui Lu and Zhongjie Guo13149
Cloning and Sequencing of Gene 028-1 Related to the Thermotolerance of Agaricus bisporusMeiyuan Chen, Zesheng Wang, Jianhua Liao, Zhenghui Lu, Zhongjie Guo and Hongrong Li14159
Selection of a Cold-Resistant Strain of Volvariella volvacea by mutagenesisMingjie Chen, Yejun Han and Hui Cao15168
ISSR Analysis of Cultivars for Five Species of Mushrooms in ChinaLi Hui-ping, Huang Chen-yang, Chen Qiang and Zhang Jin-xia16177
Variation in Agaritine Levels among Individuals in Natural Populations of Agaricus bisporusR.E. Sabourin, B.L. Brant, M.P. Wach and R.W. Kerrigan17184
Mating Compatibility and Clonality in the Summer Oyster Mushroom, Pleurotus pulmonariusA.V. Shnyreva18191
Measuring and Improving the Rate of Spawn-Running in CompostR. Noble, A. Dobrovin-Pennington, M. Kilpatrick, G. Lyons and H.S. Shekhar Sharma19207
Evaluation of Pasteurised Mushroom Substrate for Mycelial Growth and Spawn-Run using Visible and Near Infra-Red SpectroscopyH.S. Shekhar Sharma, M. Kilpatrick, G. Lyons, R. Noble, A. Dobrovin-Pennington and P. Hobbs20220
Quality Evaluation of Wheat Straw and Poultry Manure Used for the Production of Agaricus bisporus substrate in Northern IrelandH.S. Shekhar Sharma, G. Lyons and M. Kilpatrick21240
Effect of Compost Supplementation (Soybean Meal and ChampFood) at Different Phases (Spawning and Before Casing) on Productivity of Agaricus blazei ss. Heinemann (A. brasiliensis)J. Kopytowski Filho, M.T.A. Minhoni, M.C.N. Andrade and D. Zied22260
From Food to Waste to Food – a High Yield of Mushrooms from Food-Waste CompostK. Stoknes, K. Høiland, E. Norgaard and J.P. Hammer23272
Partial Substitution of Peat with Spent Mushroom Substrate in Peat-Based Casing BlendsJ. Barry, J. Grant, O. Doyle and H. Grogan24288
Chemical and Physical Properties of Alternative Casing Media in Commercial Production of Button Mushrooms [Agaricus bisporus (Lange)]L.P. van Jaarsveld and L. Korsten25310
Use of Spent Mushroom Compost and Composted Azolla as an Alternative for Casing SoilH. Riahi and H. Zamani26333
Volatile 8-Carbon Compounds and Bacterial Populations Influence Initiation of Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) PrimordiaA. Dobrovin-Pennington, R. Noble and P.J. Hobbs27340
Microbial Dynamics of Different Casing Materials in the Production of Button Mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)N. Afewerki Siyoum and L. Korsten28354
Microbial Degradation of Prochloraz in Mushroom CasingH. Grogan, G. Papadopoulos, G.D. Bending and M. Wood29364
Easy and Low-Cost Methods of Spawn Production for Poverty Alleviation in Small-Scale Farmers in Less-Developed CountriesKyung Wha Choi and Hyunjong Kwon30373
Energy-Management Strategies to Increase Profitability of Mushroom ProductionD.E. Buffington31401
Quality Evaluation of Gamma-Irradiated Cereal Grains for Spawn ProductionH.S. Shekhar Sharma, B. Cunha, M. Kilpatrick, G. Lyons, H. Wichers and J. Hoozee32413
Biology and cultivation of Lentinus squarrosulus Mont. in ThailandC. Pukahuta, U. Unphim, P. Wuthikhamphee and A. Payapanon33437
Research on Boletus edulisShaochun Fu, Tan Qi, Xiaodong Shang, Zhuming Tan, Linyi Cai, Chunyan Song and Xu Zhen34449
Effect of a Magnetic Field on Growth Indices of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus florida)J. Javanmardi, M. Ranjbar and G. Shams35459
Influence of Organic Acids on the Growth and Development of Trichoderma aggressivum a Pathogen of Agaricus bisporusD.M. Beyer, K. Paley, J. Kremser and J. Pecchia36470
The Green Mould Disease Global Threat to the Cultivation of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus): a ReviewL. Hatvani, S. Kocsubé, L. Manczinger, Z. Antal, A. Szekeres, I.S. Druzhinina, M. Komoń-Zelazowska, C.P. Kubicek, A. Nagy, C. Vágvölgyi and L. Kredics37485
Volume 17 Part 1 Article 38: Management of Casing Trichoderma Using FungicidesD. Lee Rinker and G. Alm38496
Emergence of Benzimidazole-Resistant Green Mould, Trichoderma aggressivum, on Cultivated Agaricus bisporus in North AmericaC.P. Romaine, D.J. Royse and C. Schlagnhaufer39510
Movement and Detection of Mushroom Virus X dsRNA through Mushroom CompostH. Grogan, N. Goncharenko, S. Holcroft and P. Mills40524
Investigating Genetic and Environmental Control of Brown Colour Development in the Cultivated Mushroom Agaricus bisporus Infected with Mushroom Virus XJ.M. Green, H. Grogan, D.C. Eastwood and K.S. Burton41536
A Nested PCR for the Detection of Mycogone Perniciosa Causing Wet bubble Disease of White Button MushroomsL. Meyer and L. Korsten42554
Establishing a Baseline for Fungicide Sensitivity of Three Major Mushroom Pathogens in AustraliaJ. Allan, F.A. Shah and I. Khan43565
Studies on dry bubble disease caused by Verticillium fungicolaA. Shamshad, A. Clift and R. Butler44570
Flies and Dust – Epidemiology of Dry Bubble in AustraliaA. Clift and A. Shamshad45580
Managing Sciarid Flies with Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensisD.L. Rinker and G. Alm46589
The Use of Plant Extracts to Control the Major Disease and Pest in Mushroom CultivationJ. Baars,J. Rutjens, W.-J. de Kogel and J. Baar47602
Sensitivity of Verticillium fungicola<.em> var. fungicola, Mycogone perniciosa and Cladobotryum spp. to fungicides in SerbiaI. Potocnik, S. Milijasevic, E. Rekanovic, B. Todorovic and M. Stepanovic48615
Extracellular Enzyme Producing Abilities of Pseudomonas Isolates Pathogenic to Oyster MushroomA. Nagy, E. Sajben, Z. Antal, L. Manczinger and C. Vágvölgyi49628
Vitamin D2 Content and Retention in Agaricus bisporus with Ultraviolet Light IrradiationD.M. Beyer, R. Beelman, J. Pecchia1, K. Paley and N. Chikthimmah50640
Mushroom Polysaccharide Extracts Delay Progression of Carcinogenesis in MiceC.G.O. Wasonga1, S.A. Okoth, J.C. Mukuria and C.O.A. Omwandho51648
Bioactive Mushroom Molecules for Integrative MedicineJ. Poppe52661
Research on the Structure and Anti-Tumour Activity of Polysaccharide P60W-1 Isolated from Fruiting Bodies of Phellinus igniariusYan Yang, Jingsong Zhang, Qingjiu Tang, Yanfang Liu and Wei Jia53700
Pro-Oxidative Properties of Medicinal Mushroom ExtractsL.J.L.D. Van Griensven and Song Wei54715
Solid-State and Submerged Cultivation of Grifola frondosa PolysaccharidesM. Berovič, B. Boh and B. Wraber55730
Nutritional Value of Shiitake Mushroom [Lentinula edodes (Berk.) Pegler] strains cultivated in Eucalyptus grandis LogsM.C.N. Andrade, M.T.A. Minhoni, J. Kopytowski Filho and D.C. Zied56738
Influence of Temperature and Relative Humidity on the Storage Shelf Life of Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus)L. Aguirre, J.M. Frias, C. Barry-Ryan and H. Grogan57748
Niche Marketing of Mushrooms in a Constantly Evolving and Developing MarketplaceR. Greenblo58757
Current Situation and Further Development of the Mushroom-Growing Industry in ArmeniaS.M. Badalyan, N.G. Gharibyan and M.O. Grigoryan59765
Experience with Sporeless Strains of Oyster Mushroom (Pleutorus ostreatus) in Commercial ProductionJ. Baars and H. Hesen60774
Contribution to the Domestication of Psathyrella candolleanaV.J. Bella61788
Cultivation of Pleurotus Mushrooms on Forest Wood Dusts in NigeriaB.J. Akinyele62794
Utilisation of Agaricus Mushroom Spent Straw in the Diet of Finishing LambsH. Fazaeli, H. Shafyee, A. Farahpoor and A.H. Moayyer63806
Preliminary Studies on Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Emissions from Stored Spent Mushroom CompostH. Grogan, G. Walsh and T. Kellegher64815
Degradation of Crude Oil by Pleurotus pulmonarius, Pleurotus tuber-regium and Lentinus squarrosulusO.M. Adedokun and A.E. Ataga65824
Production of Xylanase by Flamulina velutipes Grown on Different Carbon SourcesM. Umar Dahot, A.A. Simair and S.M. Mangrio66833
Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals and Enzyme Activities of Pleurotus ostreatusC.O. Adenipekun and O.M. Omoruyi67842
Energy Saving and Quality Improvement by New Climate Control ProgramsJ. Gielen68852
Phase 1 Issues Today: a Composter’s PerspectiveG.R. Martin69858
Getting Ready to Expand the Mushroom FarmB. Driessen70867
Casing, ‘the Skin of the Substrate': Preparation and Management of the Casing LayerE.M.M. Vernooij71875
Sensitivity of Verticillium fungicola var. fungicola, Mycogone perniciosa and Cladobotryum spp. to Fungicides in SerbiaI. Potocnik, S. Milijasevic, E. Rekanovic, B. Todorovic and M. Stepanovic72902
Extracellular Enzyme Producing Abilities of Pseudomonas Isolates Pathogenic to Oyster MushroomA. Nagy, .E. Sajben, Z. Antal, L. Manczinger, C. Vágvölgyi73903
New Pleurotus ostreatus Strains for Local Spawn Production in ArmeniaS.M. Badalyan and N.G. Gharibyan74903
Nutritional Value of Shiitake Strains [Lentinula edodes (Berk.) Pegler] Cultivated on Logs of Eucalyptus grandisMeire Cristina Nogueira de Andrade, Marli Teixeira de Almeida Minhoni, João Kopytowski Filho and Diego Cunha Zied75905
Isolation and Characterization of Chitosans from Edible MushroomsM. Beran, M. Urban, L. Adamek and J. Spevacek76906
Mycogone perniciosa, the Causal Agent of Wet Bubble Disease of Agaricus bisporusT.A.S. Aveling, Z. Pieterse and P.M. Labuschagne77907
Expressions for Cell Growth Regulating Genes (cAMP, Protein Kinase) after perceiving Viral dsRNAs or Factors Associated with Browning Mushrooms Infected with Virus X Patch DiseaseJ.R. Rao, D.W.A. Nelson and S. McClean78908
Isolation and Preliminary Mass Spectral Analyses of Antimicrobial Metabolites Extracted from Commercial Shiitake Mushrooms (Lentinus edodes)J.R. Rao, T.J.P. Smyth, V.N. Ramachandran, W.F. Smyth, B.C. Millar, P.J. Rooney and J.E. Moore79909
Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals and Enzymeactivities of Pleurotus ostreatusC.O. Adenipekun and O.M. Omoruyi80910
Oral Administration of Agaricus brasiliensis S. Wasser et al. suppressed Th2 Response in Mice Sensititzed with OvalbuminM. Mizuno81911
A Micro Growing-Unit for Monitoring the Impact of Chromelosporium fulvum on New Casing MaterialsL.P. van Jaarsveld and L. Korsten82912
A TaqMan PCR Test for Timely Detection of the Causal Agents of Dry Bubble DiseaseC. Zijlstra, M. de Weerdt, J. Baar and J. Baars83913