Volume 12 Part 2 Article 56: Artificial Ogranelles in Volvariella bombycina

Volume 12 Part 2 Article 56
Year 1989
Title: Artificial Ogranelles in Volvariella bombycina
Author: C. Thielke


Since more than 20 years in electron microscopy several complex membranous structures have been described throughout the plant kingdom. These configurations are termed differently; their function remains mostly unclear, though, at least in some cases they are said to be involved in cell wall synthesis (Bracker 1967; Marchant and Robards, 1968).

In connection with fungal cytology, also, membranous bodies were demonstrated as “lomasomes” (Moore and McLear, 1961; Brushaber and Jenkins, 1971) , “plasmalenunasomes” (Eyme and Parriaud, 1970; Eyme and Angeli-Couvy, 1975), “paramural bodies” (Marchant, Peat and Banbury, 1967), “myelin figures” (Chang and Tanaka, 1971; Carroll and Carroll, 1973), and others more. In 1967 Bracker discussed the question whether some of these structures could have the character of artifacts. Brushaber and Jenkins (1971) demonstrated a relation between the different membranous forms and the technique of fixation. In own electron microscopic studies very often pictures seem to indicate that structures supposed to be artificial may appear in connection with a misbalanced osmotic situation during the fixation (Thielke, 1982a, b). To clarify this question a variation of fixation procedures were controlled: a comparable type of tissue was fixed with solutions which differ in their osmolarity.

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