Volume 12 Part 2 Article 51: A Japanese Lignicolous Pulveroboletus

Volume 12 Part 2 Article 51
Year 1989
Title: A Japanese Lignicolous Pulveroboletus
Authors: H. Neda and H. Furukawa


The mushrooms belonging to the Boletaceae are very important as foodstuffs. Boletus edulis Bull.: Fr., Suillus luteus (L.: Fr.) S.F. Gray and Leccmum aurantiacum (Bull.: St.-Amans) S.F. Gray, for example, are widely known as excellent edible mushrooms. But most of them are ectomycorrhyzal fungi and very difficult to be cultivated by artificial way. It is expected to develop an easy cultivating method of edible boletoid mushrooms.

The authors had obtained fruit bodies of a boletoid mushroom belonging to Pulveroboletus, growing on sawdust of pine at Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan from April to September, 1986. Fortunately this saprophytic species was edible and quite delicious. The taste of the flesh is agreeable and becomes excellent after cooking.

The work presented m this paper is a preliminary investigation of this edible boletoid species.

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