Volume 12 Part 2 Article 25: Supplementation of the Substrate for Pleurotus-Species at Filling

Volume 12 Part 2 Article 25
Year 1989
Title: Supplementation of the Substrate for Pleurotus-Species at Filling
Author: H.R. Visscher


The purpose of the present research was to study the effects of supplementation at filling of the basic Pleurotus (chopped wheat straw) substrate used in our country. Various materials were tested, many of which are known from the production Agaricus bisporus.

At first we worked with various species and strains of Pleurotus. From 1985 onwards, we concentrated on a (nearly) sporeless strain of P. ostreatus marketed as Somycel 3200. Admittedly, this particular strain requires more light and ventilation than other strains and consequently better climate control equipment. In the long run, however, we consider the use of (nearly) sporeless strains as being the only possibility for the production of Pleurotus to survive, at least in our country. Many Dutch growers have already discontinued production because of allergies to the spores (Cox et al., 1986). Other species or strains which produce considerably less spores should be developed in the near future, especially for example new strains of P. pulmonarius or P. sajor-caju.

We have not yet succeeded in obtaining good, or even fair, results with the completely sporeless Somycel 3210 either for productivity or fruit body appearance.

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