Volume 12 Part 2 Article 13: Pleurotus in Modern Agricultural Production

Volume 12 Part 2 Article 13
Year 1989
Title: Pleurotus in Modern Agricultural Production
Author: A. Ginterova


Research concerning Pleurotus cultivation m Czechoslovakia started 25 years ago. In spite of present technological and other problems the advantages and perspectives resulting from the introduction of a new technology into agricultural practice are already evident today. Pleurotus is the first wood rotting fungus involved into intensive agricultural production. The fungus has been transferred from natural wooden substrate to ligno-cellulosic waste and gradually it becomes obvious how it functions m this new environment. These developments take place under the conditions of an increase of population, energy crisis and environmental pollution. The aim of this work is to give a general survey of the development of Pleurotus cultivation programme in Czechoslovakia.

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