Volume 12 Part 1 Article 79: Cultivation of Champignon in Argentina

Volume 12 Part 1 Article 79
Year 1989
Title: Cultivation of Champignon in Argentina
Author: J.G. Ringeisen


1941: the first experiences were done in experimental chambers of 40 m2 with air aconditioned (hot-cold-wet) and positive results.
1942: commercial working of 940 m2 of cultivation.
1944: the cultivation add up to 6000 m2 in each annual production of 40 000 kg with a heating system and there own spawn production according to compost.
1947: cold application to the sheds of commercial production (5 HP each 250 m2).
1948-1953: pasteurization with dry heat and direct vapour in trays of 60 x 90 cm.
1949: grains spawn production.
1950: more small champignon’s producers with a precarious technology.
1953: installation of pasteurization’s chambers with vapour’s pipes without air recirculation.
1956: new producers with shelves and tray’s system in climatizated rooms.
1962: compost synthetic production MRA count with dried blood.
1963: pasteurization with air recirculation and vapour.
1971: experiment of Shiitake and Hiratake’s production.
1978: current inmigration of China.

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