Volume 12 Part 1 Article 77: The Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms in Taiwan

Volume 12 Part 1 Article 77
Year 1989
Title: The Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms in Taiwan
Author: J.T. Peng


where the Asian continent meets the Pacific Ocean. Metereologically Taiwan has a subtropical climate in its northern half and a tropical one in its southern half characterized with high temperature, high humidity and strong wind. All these climatic elements vary greatly with seasons, topography and geographical positions. Mean monthly temperature is lowest from November to March of the following year and is higher than 15°C. It is higher than 20°C after April of the year except in the highlands. From June to September the highest monthly mean temperature is over 30°C. Although Taiwan is a small island, the climate is intricate due to its complicated topography. The described climatic condition leads to the multiplicity of edible mushrooms which can be grown artificially all over the island. Today there are more than eight species of edible mushrooms grown commercially with a total value of more than US $ 220 millions a year. The cultivation of edible mushrooms which used to be of side line has become many farmers’ major or even sole source of income contributing a lot to the prosperity of Taiwan’s agricultural economy. In addition, the utilization of a huge amount of agricultural wastes in mushroom production helps the farmers to earn more profit in their farm management.

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