Volume 12 Part 1 Article 58: Spraying Equipment in Mushroom Cultivation

Volume 12 Part 1 Article 58
Year 1989
Title: Spraying Equipment in Mushroom Cultivation
Author: Th.M.J. Douven


Water is needed for the cultivation of mushrooms. This water is stored in the layer of casing soil, which is put on top of the compost. The function of this casing soil is on one hand the supply of water and on the other hand the formation of fruit bodies.

The casing soil is first applied in a maximally moist condition and then, until it is ruffled, it is supplied with an optimum quantity of moisture. Depending on the situation, about 10 to 20 litres of water per square metre of cultivation surface are needed. Since the supply of water is very important, about 1 litre of water is needed after the ruffling for each kilogramme of grown mushrooms. As is commonly known, a mushroom consists for about 90 p. c. of water.

There are many technical discussions among mushroom growers about the supply of water. The logical conclusion to be drawn is that the watering is very important. The time for watering, the quantity to be given every time and the manner of its application provide lasting food for conversation. On account of the increasing yields and the shortening of the growing cycles, more and more labour time per cycle is spent on watering. The result is an increasing need for automation of this activity.

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