Volume 12 Part 1 Article 38: Practical Experience with the Cac’ing Technique

Volume 12 Part 1 Article 38
Year 1989
Author: P.J.C. Vedder


This lecture could not have been presented without earlier work from other people like McCanna in Ireland, David Beyer in Canada, Ray Samp and Willy Meya in the United States, etc.

We are not the first users of the cac’ing technique, but because we fill approx. 25,000 m2 per week on our 8 Campbell farms in the United States, we are able to gather a lot of experience in a short period of time if we implement a certain new technique. On most of our farms, cac’ing now is a normal routine technique. We have tray farms, classic bed farms, as well as the most modern Dutch type farms, including tunnels, metal shelf-beds, with the advantages related to that system, like uniform filling and casing, deep scratching with the machine, etc. In our experience, by growing a LeLion X1-type hybrid strain, cac’ing is a very good technique with several advantages.

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