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Part 1

1989, Volume 12, Part 1AuthorArticle 
Anwendung Von Methoden Der Klassischen Und Molekularen Genetik Bei Der Zuchtung Von Nutzpilzen; Fakten Und PerspektivenK. Esser11
Evaluation and Improvement of Strains in Agaricus bisporusM.S. Bhandal and K.B. Mehta225
Fungicide Resistance in Agaricds bisporus I. In Vitro Production and Assessment of Resistance MutantsM.P. Challen, K.L. Wilson and T.J. Elliott337
Fungicide Resistance in Agaricus bisporos II. In Vivo Carboxin Resistance and Disease ControlM.P. Challen, K.L. Wilson and T.J. Elliott447
Strain Evaluation on Agaricus bisporusB.L. Dhar and J.N. Kapoor555
Biotechnological Advances in Mushroom ScienceP.A. Horgen and J.B. Anderson663
Selection of New Hybrids of Agaricus edulis (syn. A. bitorquis) Able to Differentiate Fruit Bodies at 15°CJ. Valjalo and J. Labarere775
The Prediction of Strain Characteristics of A. bispords by the Application of Isozyhe ElectrophoresisH.C. Wang and Z.S. Wang887
Cytological Observations in Agaricus arvensisA.S.M. Sonnenberg and G. Fritsche9101
Selection of Sporeless or Poorly-Spored Induced Mutants from Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotüs pülmonarius and Selective BreedingM. Imbernon and J. Labarere10109
A Study on Intergeneric Hybridization between Pleurotus sajor-caju and Schizophyllum commune by Protoplast FusionZ.R. Liang and S.T. Chang11125
Enzymatic Regulation of Temperature Dependent Fruit Body Morphogenesis in Pleurotus ostreatusJ. Müller12139
Characteristics of the Fusion Products Obtained by Intra- and Interspecific Protoplast Fusion between Pleurotus SpeciesTetsuo Toyomasu And Kan-Ichi Mori13151
Selection and Genetic Analysis of Antibiotic-Resistant Mutant Strains in Agrocybe AegeritaJ. Labarere, T. Noel and M. Imbernon14161
Isolation and Reversion of Protoplasts from Homokaryotic Mycelium of grocybe aegeritaT. Noel and J. Labarere15175
Isolation of DNA from Agrocybe aegerita for the Construction of a Genomic Library in Escherichia coliT. Noel and J. Labarere16187
Segregatioh of Genetic Markers in Secondarily Homothallic BasidiomycetesM.P. Challen and T.J. Elliott17203
Breeding Experiments with Coprinus comatusP.C.C. Van Loon and G. Fritsche18209
Characterization of Ganoderma lucidom by Di-Mon MatingR.S. Hseu and H.H. Wang19217
Breeding Experiments with the Wood Blewit (Lepista nuda)G. Fritsche and P. van Loon20227
Cryopreservation of Basidiomycete CulturesP. Hoffmann21237
Germplasm Preseatvation of Edible Fungi for Mushroom CultivationShung-Chang Jong22241
Einige Das Wachstom Pes Champignonmyzels Beeinflussende FaktorenM. Gapisski, T. Bukowski, K. Sobieralski and M. Siwulski23253
The Production of Extracellular Lipase by Mushroom MyceliaC.H. Scanlon, T.R. Fermor, D.A. Wood and D.M. Lösel24261
Studies on the Influence on the Mycelium Growth and Fruit Body Development by Growth Promoting SubstancesShou Chen-Hsioh25269
Spore Germination in Agaricus bisporusME.M. Goltapeh and J.N. Kapoor26275
New Substrates for Spawn Production of Button Mushroom Agaricus bisporus(Lange) SingerE.M. Goltapeh and J.N. Kapoor27281
The Quality and Storage Life of Agaricus bisporusK.S. Burton28287
Nutritional and Utilizable Value of Some Cultivated MushroomsJ. Levai29295
A Tropical Agaricus with Commercial PotentialJ.F. Smith and M.E. Love30305
A Quick and Efficient Method of Making Mushroom SpawnQ.Y. Yang and S.C. Jong31317
Nutritional Evaluation of Compost during Cultivation of Agaricus bisporus (lange) Sing.R.P. Phutela, H.S. Garcha and H.S. Sodhi32325
Paddy Straw Compost Formulations for Growing Button Mushroom and Its Comparison with Traditionally Hade Compost Based on Wheat Straw and Chicken ManureT.R. Shandilya33333
Bark Wastes for Mushroom GrowingH.H. Wang, C.T. Sheu and S.L. Lee34345
Production of Methame during Preparation of Mushroom CompostP.J.L. Derikx, H.J.M. Op Den Camp, W.P.G.M. Bosch, G.D. Vogels, J.P.G. Gerrits and L.J.L.D. Van Griensven35353
Supplementation of Agaricus Compost with Organic Materials with Special Attention to the Uptake of Minerals and Amino AcidsJ.P.G. Gerrits36361
Supplementation at Casing with Keratine Protein and CornglutenA. Overstijns and L. Bockstaele37371
Practical Experience with the Cac'ing TechniqueP.J.C. Vedder38381
Studies on Casing Soil Media during the Cultivation of Agaricus bisporusT.R. Shandilya39387
Effect of Different Compost and Casing Formulations on Yield of Different Strains of Agaricus bitorquisD.S. Guleria, R.K. Agarwala and C.L. Jandaik40401
Earthworm Casts as Casing Layer in Agaricus bisporus CultivationU. Tomati, A. Grappelli, E. Galli and J.S. Hard41409
Nutritional Supplementation to the Casing Soil: Ecological Aspects and Mushroom ProductionSegula Masaphy, D. Levanon, 0. Danai and V. Henis42417
The Development of High-Quality Inoculamts from Spent CompostNita Bahl, M. Gupta and K.S. Jauhri43427
Recycled Casing Soil in the Culture of Agaricos bisporusI. Jablonsky and A. Srb44433
Fungi in BiotechnologyH.P. Molitoris45445
Compostage Statiqoe en Salle: Description du Procede Analyses et Principaux ResültatsJ . Laborde, G. Hoüdeau, B. Bes, J.M . Olivier and P. Delpech46457
Short Duration Vigorous Composts for Agaricus bisporusB.L. Dhar and J.N. Kapoor47471
Bulk Pasteurization of Compost and Its Impact on Future Prospects of Mushrooms in IndiaT.R. Shandilya and M.L. Khurana48477
Pasteurization of Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) Compost by Non-Conventional MethodsB.L. Dhar and J.N. Kapoor49485
Controlled Environment Composting in Bulk Chambers and Deep TroughsP. Perrin and R. Gaze50489
Die Regelung Der Substrattemperatdren Wshrend Der Phase Ii Beim Kistensystem Jjber Das Raumklima Und Die ÜmloftgeschwindigkeitW. Hullen und K. Grabbe51499
The Effect of Temperature Manipulation during Cropping on the Flushing Pattern of a Hybrid Strain of the Cultivated Mushroom, Agaricus bisporusM.E. Love and J.F. Smith52509
Air Circulation in Mushroom Cropping HousesG.E. Bowman53517
Developments in a Microcompoter-Based Environmental Control SystemS.W. Burrage and R. Noble54525
Factors Infloencing Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) Yield and Quality in Plastic Bag and Tunnel GrowingW.P. Staunton55539
Das Sohm Indoor Composting SystemD. Sohm56549
Practical Application of Modern Air Filtration in Cultivated Mushroom GrowingJ.H. Wenzek57565
Spraying Equipment in Mushroom CultivationTh.M.J. Douven58577
Rapid Cooling of Hushroohs in an Ice Bank CoolerR. Noble and D.I. Bartlett59585
The Role of Management in the Evolution of a Traditional U.K. Tray FarmG.W. Ganney60597
Champignonanbao Als Mögliche Alternative Für Landwirtschftliche Betriebe In Per Bündesrepdblik DeutschlandE. Schmidt61607
The Use of Statistical Process Control on the Mushroom FarmP.J.C. Vedder and C.R. Waldron, Jr.62619
Medicinal Mushrooms in ChinaQ.Y. Yang and S.C. Jong63631
Allergische Atemwegserkrankung Bex Aüsternpilzzuchtern, Eine Form Der Exogen Allergischen Alveolitis. Gefahren, Symptome, Immonglogie, ArbeitsschutzB. Betz64645
Antitumor Action of Fruit Bodies of Edible Mushrooms Orally Administered to MiceK. Mori, T. Toyomasu, H. Nanba and H. Kuroda65653
Antitumor Effect of Virus-like Particles from Lentinus edodes(Shiitake) on Ehrlich Ascites Tumor in MiceK. Mori and M. Takehara66661
Toxicological and Histopathological Studies on Agaricus bisporusI.H.S. Al-Deen, H.A.A. Twaij, A.A. Al-Badr and T.A.W. Istarabadi67671
Studies on Spent Compost Mycoflora for Aflatoxin ProductionH.S. Sodhi, H.S. Garcha and R.P. Phutela68681
The Development of Hungarian Mushroom GrowingI. Koronczy and G. Tasnadi69691
A Hungarian Mushroom Farm Demonstrating the Traditional Growing Method between the Two World WarsG. Tasnadi70699
Pleurotus-Anbau in Per CooperativeIldiko Koronczy,71711
The Clusius-Codex and Its Cultivable Mushroom SpeciesA. Terpo and G. Tasnadi72717
Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms in India: Prospect and RetrospectT.N. Kaul73729
Mushroom Compost and Casing Research in IndiaT.R. Shandilya74743
Mushroom Culture Research in PakistanS.M. Khan75753
Past and Future of Edible Mushroom Cultivation in Southeast AsiaS.T. Chang and Y.H. Tan76761
The Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms in TaiwanJ.T. Peng77769
Mushroom Industry in TaiwanT.Y. Ku and C.L. Lee78779
Cultivation of Champignon in ArgentinaJ.G. Ringeisen79789
Past and Future of Edible Mushroom Cultivation in Tropical AmericaD. Martinez-Carrera80795

Part 2

1989, Volume 12, Part 2AuthorArticle 
Studies on Mineral Uptake by Ipohoea aquatica Treated with Saline Water and Translocation of These Minerals into the Fruit Body of Pleurotus sajor-cajuG.S. Gujral, S.K. Jain and P. Vasudevan11
Effect of Mushroom Cultivation (Pleurotus sajor-caju) on Substrates from Two Non-Conventional Plants, Adhatoda vasica Nees and Ipomoea fistulosa Mart Ex ChoicyA. Singh, P. Vasudevan and M. Madan27
Utilization of Sugar Industry for the Production of Filamentous Protein in PakistanA. Alum and S.M. Khan315
Some Studies on Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus spp.) on the Waste Material of Corn Industry in PakistanS.M. Khan and I.A. Chaudhary423
Oyster Mushroom Cultivation on Soft Woods of Swat Valley, PakistanS.M. Khan and A. Khatoon531
Study of Laccase Enzyme in Degradation of LignocellulosicsR.P. Singh, H.S. Garcha and P.K. Khanna635
Effect of Temperature on Mycelial Growth of Pleurotus Species and Their Yield Performance on Selected SubstratesH.S. Sohi and R.C Upadhyay749
Bioconversion of Corn Stover into Fungal Biohass Rich in Protein with Pleurotus sajor-cajuC. Bassous, D.S. Chahal and L.G. Mathieu857
Artificial Cultivation of Pleurotus cystidiosus O.K. Miller in IndiaG.M. Beig and C.L. Jandaik967
Some Studies on Oyster Hushrooh (Pleurotus spp.) Fungus in Liquid Hedia in PakistanS.M. Khan and M.A. Qadir1073
Cotton Straw Silage as a Substrate for Pleurotus sp. CultivationO. Danai, D. Levanon and N. Silanikove1181
Influence of Residual Vegetable Crop Biomass on Yield and Mineral Content of Pleurotus sajor-caju (Fr.) SingerG. Ganeshan, R.P. Tewari and B.S. Bhargava1291
Pleurotus in Modern Agricultural ProductionA. Ginterova1399
Use of Geothermal Energy for Cultivation of Oyster Mushrooms and Studies of Some Pathogens Affecting the Yield of Pleurotus sajor-caju (Fr.) Singer.B.B. Ivanovich14109
Some Studies on the Cultivation of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus spp.) on Ligno-Cellulosic By-Products of Textile IndustryS.M. Khan and M.A. Siddiqui15121
Cultivation of Pleurotus Species on Cotton WasteR.K. Kulkarni16129
Technologie Moderne De Production Des PleurotesJ. Laborde17135
Use of Nitrogen-Supplemented Peat Extracts for the Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus Mushrooh MyceliumW. Manu-Tawiah and A.M. Martin18157
Simple Technology to Cultivate Pleurotus on Coffee Pulp in the TropicsD. Martinez-Carrera19169
Cultivation of Pleurotus cfr. sapidus (Schulzer) Kalchbr. in IndiaK.B. Mehta and C.L. Jandaik20179
Response of the Oyster Mushroom to Supplehentation Prior to PasteurizationD.L. Rinker21187
Research on Some Aspects of Semi-Anaerobic PermentationU. Schies and J. Lelley22199
The Cultivation of the Oyster Mushroom - Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq. Ex Fr.) Kummer - on Cocoa Shell WasteJ.K. Senyah, R.K. Robinson and J.F. Smith23207
The Cultivation of Pleurotus Mushrooms on Unsterilized Substrates in the FieldPei-Ji Sun and Jian-Jun Yu24219
Supplementation of the Sdbstrate for Pleurotus-Species at FillingH.R. Visscher25229
Valid, Invalid and Confusing Taxa of the Genus PleurotusO. Hilber26241
Einführung in Die Shii-Take-ThematikJ. Lelley27249
The Effects of Common Nutritionally-Important Cations on the Growth and Development of the Cultivated Mushroom Lentinula edodesG.F. Leatham and M.A. Stahmann28253
Effect of Growth Regulators, Enzyme Inhibitors and Stimulatory Additives on the Vegetative Development and Fructification of Lentinus edodesY.H. Tan and S.T. Chang29267
Effects of Some Environmental Factors on Morphology and Yield of Lentinus edodes (Berk.) Sing.S. Triratana and T. Tantikanjana30279
Evaluation of Shiitake Log Inoculation TechniquesH. Van T. Cotter and T. Flynn31293
A New Technology "Plastic Bag Cultivation Method" for Growing Shiitake MushroomM.S. Ho32303
Comparison of Three Methods to Produce Liquid Spawn for Commercial Cultivation of ShiitakeM. Itävaara33309
The Cultivation of Shii-Take (Lentinus edodes) on Supplemented SawdustP.P. Kalberer34317
The Effect of Homogenization on the Growth of Commercially Produced Shiitake (Lentinus edodes) SpawnL. Raaska35327
Cultivation of Edible Fungi on Coffee GroundsC. Thielke36337
Role of First-Generation Bacteria in the Superiority of Compact Timber Substrates to Wood Dust in Supporting Optimum Yield Figures of Wood-Decay MushroomsG. Gramss37345
Cultivation of Agrocybe aegerita (Brig.) Sing. on Lignocellulose Containing Wastes 1. Factors Affecting Saprophytic Colonization and Decomposition of SubstrateF. Zadrazil38357
Cultivation of Agrocybe aegerita (Brig.) Sing. on Lignocellulose Containing Wastes 2 . Nitrogen and Other Factors Determining Fruit Body Formation and YieldF. Zadrazil39369
Cultivation of Auricularia polytricha (Mont.) Sacc. (Jews Ear Mushroom) on Wheat StrawM.S. Bhandal and K.B. Mehta40387
Cultivation of Summer Mushroom Calocybe indica Purkayastha and Chandra In RajasthanA. Doshi, N. Sidana and B.P. Chakravarti41395
The Effects of Phytohormones on the Mycelial Growth of Calvatia gigantea and Related SpeciesJ.P. Alexander and B.E. Lippert42401
Morphological and Physiological Characterization of Three Groups in Coprinus comatus SpeciesL. Thomas and J. Labarere43411
Die Entwicklung von Standardmethoden für die Anzucht von Speisepilzmyzelien in SubmerskulturE. Wissig and K. Grabbe44423
The Biology and Cultivation of Macrolepiota zeyheriA. Eicker, J.C. Coetzee and L. Botha45441
Isozyme Analysis of Morchella SpeciesR.K. Kulkarni and C.D. Kamerath46451
Effect of Various Growth Hormones on the Basidiospores Germination of Pholiota destruens (Brond) Gillet.A. Krishna and B.K. Sharma47459
Effect of Various Growth Regulators on the Mycelial Yield of Pholiota destruens(Brond) Gillet.A. Krishna and B.K. Sharma48469
Domestication of Nameko Mushroom in IndiaA. Krishna and B.K. Sharma49479
Physiological Activity of the New Fungous Genus, PhytocordycepsC.H. Su, L.L. Yang, H.H. Wang, K.Y. Yen and T.C. Tung50485
A Japanese Lignicolous PulveroboletusH. Neda and H. Furukawa51493
Substrate Additives for Earlier and Double Production of Stropharia rugosoannulataJ. Poppe and G. Sedeyn52503
Natural Occurrence of Stropharia rugosoannulata Farlow Apud Murrill in Himachal Pradesh (India) and Its Artificial CultivationR.C. Upadhyay and H.S. Sohi53509
Observations on the Biology and Cultivation of Volvariella volvacea (Bull.: Fr.) Sing. Var. Heimii Sing.S. Bhavani Devi and M.C. Nair54517
Fatty Acid Composition of Volvariella volvacea and Other Edible MushroomsB.H. Huang, K.H. Yung and S.T. Chang55533
Artificial Ogranelles in Volvariella bombycinaC. Thielke56541
Mycorhization Controlee et Culture Experimentale au Champ de Boletus (=Suillus) granulatus et Lactarius deliciosusN. Poitiou, M. Mamoun, M. Ducamp, J. Guinberteau et J.M. Olivier57551
Interaction entre le Cuivre et Differents Champignons Ectomycorhiziens ComestiblesN. Poitou et C. Cassin58565
Cadmium-, Blei- und Quecksilbergehalte in Fruchtkörpern von WildpilzenJ. Fleckenstein and K. Grabbe59577
Accumulation of 137Cs in Fruit Bodies of Edible Fungi - a Comparison between Wild and Cultivated MushroomsK. Haselwandter and M. Berreck60587
Versuche über die Simultane Aufnahme der Schwermetalle Cd, Hg, Pb, Cu, Zn und Se in PilzfrochtkörperK. Suhs und W. Graf61593
Present Plant Protection Problems in Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus and Its Hybrid Strains) Growing in HungaryJ. Györfi62603
New and Noteworthy Disease Problems of Edible Mushrooms in IndiaH.S. Sohi and R.C. Upadhyay63611
Major Diseases of Cultivated Hushrooh and Their Control in TaiwanC.C. Tu and Y.M. Liao64615
Mushroom Virus Screening, Sampling Strategies, and Epidemiology in The U.S. and CanadaD.A. Betterley and J.A. Olson65627
Caracterisation Du Virus PPV chez Pleurotus polmoharios (Fr.) Quel. et Dans d'Autres Especes du Genre PleurotusG. Molin et H.D. Lapierre66637
Influence of Spawn Incubation Temperature of Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing. on La France Disease SymptomatologyP.J. Wuest and J.A. Mataka67645
Influence of Bacterial Populations on Postharvest Deterioration of Fresh MushroomsR.B. Beelman, B.D. Guthrie and D.J. Royse68655
In Vitro Chemical and Biological Control of Bacterial Blotch of Agaricus bisporus(Sing.) LangeA. Munjal, P.K. Khanna and H.S. Garcha69667
Isolation, Characterization and Studies of Bacterial Mummy Disease of Agaricus brunnescensD.A. Betterley and J.A. Olson70679
Control of Bacterial Deterioration in Fresh-Washed MushroomsB.D. Guthrie and R.B. Beelman71689
Routine Diagnosis and Sensitivity to Chemical Compounds of Phytopathogenic and Saprophytic Pseudomonads from Cultivated MushroomsR. Vantomme, A. Overstijns, M. Goor, K. Kersters and J. De Ley72701
Studies on Cladobotryuh dendroides (Bull.: Merat) W. Gams et Hoozem, Causing Cobweb Disease of Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing. and Its ControlP.K. Seth and C.M. Dar73711
Studies on Vert-de-Gris Caused by Myceliophthora lutea Cost. on Agaricus bisporus and Its ControlP.K. Seth and S.C. Bhardwaj74725
Chemical Control of Green Mould Aspergillus fumigatus on Beds of Chinese Mushroom at Faisalabad, PakistanS.M. Khan and A. Khattoon75735
nvestigations on the Influence of Temperature on Growth and Spore Formation of Mycogone perniciosa and Verticillium fungicola, Two Pathogenic Fungi of The Cultivated MushroomIK. Bech, B.D. Jacobsen and G. Kovacs76739
Development of Verticillium Disease in Pennsylvania Mushroom CropsV.J. Spadafora, P.J. Wuest and D.L. Rinker77753
Changes in Polyphenol Oxidase and Peroxidase Activity Due to Infection of Verticillium fungicola in Fruit Bodies of Agaricus bisporusC.D. Thapa and M.F. Brown78765
Mortierella Species (Zygomycetes) Associated with Cultivation of Agaricus brunnescensD.A. Betterley and M.F. Brown79771
Brown Spot Disease of White Button Mushroom [Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Imbach] Due to Gliocladium deliquescens Sopp.C.D. Thapa and P.K. Seth80781
A Scanning Electron Microscope Study of Troublesome Fungi in the Agaricus bisporus Mushroom IndustryA. Eicker, M. Smit and P.J. Wuest81789
Investigations on the Fungus Erynia montana (Entomophthorales) as a Potential Biological Control of Sciarid Flies (Lycoriella mali)D.A. Betterley82803
Effect of Various Fungal Metabolites on Aphelenchoides composticola Franklin and Its Multiplication on Some FungiP.S. Grewal and H.S. Sohi83813
Pathogenic Potential of Aphelenchoides composticola Franklin Infesting White Button Mushroom, Agaricus bisporus (Lange) SingerP.S. Grewal84821
Biology of Sciarid Fly, Bradysia tritici (Coq.) (Diptera: Sciaridae) on Temperate Mushroom in the Punjab (India)D.S. Brar and G.S. Sandhu85831
Advances in Control of the Sciarid Fly, Lycoriella mali (Fitch)W.W. Cantelo86843
Variation in Resistance to Diazinon by the Mushroom Sciarid Lycoriella auripilaP.F. White and D.A. Gribben87851
The Biology and Control of a Tyroglyphid Mite, Caloglyphus berlesei (Michael) On Cultivated Agaricus bisporus in South AfricaC.L. Van Der Hoven and A. Eicker88861
Control of Sciarid Fly with InsecticidesD.L. Rinker, R. Snetsinger and R. Tetrault89867
Effect of Some I.G.R. Insecticides on Mushroom Mycelial GrowthJ. Dmoch, E. Jacewicz and A. Bykowska90877
Translocation of Nematicide Residues in Mushroom Following Their Application at CompostingN. Bahl and N.P. Agnihotri91883