Volume 10 Part 2 Article 50: Cultivation of Volvariella volvacea from Cotton Waste Composts

Volume 10 Part 2 Article 50
Year 1979
Title: Cultivation of Volvariella volvacea from Cotton Waste Composts
Author: Shu-Ting Chang


Volvariella volvacea (Bull. ex Fr.) Sing. is an edible fungus of the tropics and subtropics. Its cultivation as a delicacy has been developed in the Southeastern provinces of China, especially in Kwangtung since the 18th century, more than two hundred years ago (Chang, 1977). Around 1932-1935, it was introduced into the Philippines, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries by overseas Chinese (Baker, 1934; Benemerito, 1936). However, compared with Agaricus bisporus (Lge.) Imbach, and Lentinus edodesAgaricus mushroom has been industrialized for decades in western countries. This article describes a series of experiments on cultivation of Volvariella mushroom from cotton waste composts which were supplemented with different organic matters for improving physical and chemical conditions. A discussion is given of the potential economic value and use as a good source of food protein of the Volvariella mushroom in tropical and subtropical countries.

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