Volume 10 Part 2 Article 22: Ready-Made and Mix-Spawned in Plastic Bags Compost Intensifies the Small Mushroom Growing in Bulgaria

Volume 10 Part 2 Article 22
Year 1979
Title: Ready-Made and Mix-Spawned in Plastic Bags Compost Intensifies the Small Mushroom Growing in Bulgaria
Author: T. Rantcheva


Mushroom growing on a small scale – 50 to 200 sq.m of beds in adapted rooms – is nearly amateur mushroom growing. The final product is either for personal consumption or for the market. Naturally it is almost impossible or economically unprofitable for a small grower to use modern production technology with expensive machinery, steam boiler, air conditioning equipment etc. It is well known also, how much and heavy manual work is going in a primitive mushroom house.

Every small grower has to prepare his own compost without the modern Phase II i.e. heat-treatment in special heat room. The ready compost often contains an excess of ammonia, mushroom pests and diseases; the primitive mushroom house cannot be steammed at the end of the crop and the wooden shelves are for single use only; the manure spawn and the spot spawning together with the compulsory low temperature in the beds result a long cropping period, including 70 to 100 days picking period. All these point out to the high risk involved in amateur mushroom growing.

The average yield for thousands small growers in Bulgaria is between 60 and 80 kg of trimed mushrooms per ton of compost with an average moisture content of 65%. Consequently to be a successfull small grower in a primitive mushroom house is a real “art” today. First of all everyone must be well educated in many and different sciences.

The numerous small Bulgarian mushroom growers work for the market organized by the Central Cooperative Union-Sofia (Rantcheva, 1974). To improve the production conditions and to diminish the risk of failure of the crops we used the international experience to grow cultivated mushroom in plastic bags and worked out a new technology for the small mushroom houses, suitable for the local conditions. Provision was the small growers to be supplied with ready-made and spawned compost filled in plastic bags.

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