Volume 10 Part 1 Article 8: Breeding Strategies in Agaricus bisporus

Volume 10 Part 1 Article 8
Year 1979
Title: Breeding Strategies in Agaricus bisporus
Author: T. Elliott


In recent years the essentials of the life cycle of Agaricus bisporus have been established (Miller and Kananen, 1972; Raper C.A. et al., 1972; Elliott, 1972). It has been shown that A. bisporus is a heterothallic species with compatibility based on a single mating type factor. However, the expression of sexuality is limited as is shown in the life cycle in figure 1 and this generates problems for the prospective breeder. The cultivated mushroom is essentially an inbreeding species with a restricted capacity for outbreeding. The mycelia from spores of two-spored basidia are normally heterokaryotic and are capable of completing the life-cycle. Homokaryotic isolates from 2-, 3- and 4-spored basidia need to combine with other compatible homokaryons or heterokaryons to fruit normally.

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