Volume 10 Part 1 Article 61: Virus-Like Particles in Several Mushrooms

Volume 10 Part 1 Article 61
Year 1979
Title: Virus-Like Particles in Several Mushrooms
Authors: K. Mori, K. Kuida, D. Hosokawa and M. Takehara


The first observation and suggestion of mushroom disease by Sinden (1950, 1957), led to the first discovery of a fungal virus by electron microscopy by Hollings (1962). Recently virus-like particles (VLPs) became recognized as common in fungi, and have been reported in all major groups of fungi.

Most of these VLPs are spherical shaped and are known to contain ds-RNA, but besides A. bisporus and several Penicillium species, very few are known about the pathogenicity and transmissibility of them. Our previous report dealt with the studies on VLPs of Lentinus edodes (Shiitake). The present paper reports about the survey of detecting VLPs in several cultivated and wild mushrooms, as well as the studies on the nature and properties of them. Pathogenicity, infectivity and antiviral activity of these VLPs of L. edodes to plant and animal viruses were examined. This research was partially supported by research grants from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Japan and Mori Industry Co. LTD., Kiryu, Japan.

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