Volume 10 Part 1 Article 27: Biological Transformation of Straw Cellulose

Volume 10 Part 1 Article 27
Year 1979
Title: Biological Transformation of Straw Cellulose
Authors: R. Jilek, J. Zezula and M. Vodickova


Transformation of cellulose with selected microorganisms as a possible new approach to meeting protein requirements of the growing human population shows promise for several reasons. A predominantly cellulose substrate is available in sufficient amount and its natural sources are inexhaustible. It does not requ ire prior industrial production, need not be imported and its basic raw material is in the sphere of feed industry.

Essentially three approaches to the biodegradation of substrates with high cellulose content are possible as shown in figure 1.

In our studies on biological degradation of straw we chose the method of direct biological conversion in an attempt to obtain an optimum amount of N-substances using a cellulosevorous organism in a stationary cultivation process (Jilek et al., 1977).

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