Volume 10 Part 1 Article 18: A New White Variety of Volvariella volvacea (Bull. Ex Fr.) Sing.

Volume 10 Part 1 Article 18
Year 1979
Title: A New White Variety of Volvariella volvacea (Bull. Ex Fr.) Sing.
Authors: Chin-Chyu Tu and Sieh Cheng


The straw mushroom was once recognized as a member of Agaricus, Volvaria or Volvariopsis. In fact, it belongs to none of these genera, because Agaricus encompasses only those mushrooms which are characterized by the presence of annulus and regular gill trama. The genus Volvaria was established by Fries in 1821 but later rejected as Nomen ambigum. The genus Volvariopsis, created by Murrill (1911), covers those volva-present, annulus wanting and pink-spored mushrooms; this system is not widely accepted by mycologists, however.

The straw mushroom is now accepted as a member of Volvariella which was established by Spegazinii in 1899. Singer (1961,1975) included the straw mushroom in this genus and put genera Volvaria, Pseudofarinaceus and Volvariopsis as synonymy. The correct scientific name of straw mushroom should be V. volvacea (Bull. ex Fr.) Sing.

Singer (1961, 1975) emphasized the presence of volva as the main characteristic of the genus Volvariella, and thus, he included it in the family Amanitaceae. Smith (1973) stressed the importance of spore color, and placed in together with Chamaeota and Pluteus in the family Pluteaceae. The authors agree with Smith (1973) that spore color is an important characteristic in the classification of families.

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