Volume 19 Part 1 Article 56: Enhancement of nutritional and nutraceutical properties of Calocybe indica by UVB irradiation

Volume 19 Part 1 Article 56
Year 2016
Title: Enhancement of nutritional and nutraceutical properties of Calocybe indica by UVB irradiation
Author: Himanshi Rathore, Shalinee Prasad, Satyawati Sharma, and Ajay Singh Yadav

Mushrooms have always been appreciated by the consumers not only because of their unique flavour and texture but also due to the presence of immense nutritional and nutraceutical power. Numerous active substances like phenolics, triterpenoids, polysaccharides and ergosterol makes these edible fungi a key source of nutraceuticals. An indigenous mushroom Calocybe indica is a very popular speciality mushroom of India. It is known to possess high content of nutraceutical compounds including ergosterol. This ergosterol is a plant steroid which gets converted to vitamin D2 in the presence of UV rays by a photochemical reaction. In wake of the above facts the current study was carried out to enhance the vitamin D2 content by UV-B light treatment and its effect on the other nutraceutical properties of Calocybe indica. In the present study a UV-B light source having intensity 5.3w/m2 was used to expose mushrooms for the different time duration of 0 min, 30 min, 60 min and 90 min. Results indicated that the vitamin D2 content got enhanced with the time duration under UVB light source i.e. 85±0.15, 182±1.6, 187±0.4 and 182 ±0.8 μg/g (dry weight) for 0, 30, 60 and 90min respectively. Highest concentration of vitamin D2 was found at 60 min duration. Major antioxidant compounds like total phenol contents estimated were also found to be increased after irradiating under UVB light from 7.36± 0.07mg/gm to 47.14mg/g after 60min exposure. Flavonoid content (1.5μg/g in 0min and 1.86μg/g in 60min exposed samples) also showed the similar trend as TPC contents. Results revealed that the irradiation for 60min under UVB light is a cheap and convenient method to enhance the nutritional and nutraceutical contents of C. indica.

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