Volume 19 Part 1 Article 43: A study of 10 years Brazilian Mushroom market development

Volume 19 Part 1 Article 43
Year 2016
Title: A study of 10 years Brazilian Mushroom market development
Author: Bueno.S.F.

The mushroom production in Brazil has started in 1952. Brazil has a population of about 205 million people. Mushroom market has been developed slowly. Few people in Brazil consume mushrooms, so there is a huge market to be developed. The country has an interesting melting-pot culture made with the influence of immigrants from many different countries. This characteristic gives Brazilian people a mind always opened to new ideas, flexibility and creativity to adapt to different situations and to received people from all around the world. Also the different dishes with mushrooms and each particular way of grow can be well accepted.

Brazilian mushroom industry has changed during the last ten years, button mushroom was used be the first production. However, although consumption is increasing, the production of A.bisporus is decreasing in Brazil because of high cost of production and the country imports candy mushrooms from China. The most growers started to produce Pleurotus ostreatus instead of button with the same technology. Currently, Pleurotus species is the main mushroom being consumed in the country. Simple and modern technologies are used to grow, process and market mushrooms. It can be grown all over the year without cold rooms and low cost, what will determine a grower profit. The variation of mushroom prices was a major factor influencing consumption. Actually, prices are considered very or moderately expensive.

We carried out a study (2005-2015) to understand the patterns of mushroom production and consumption in Brazil. Data were analyzed variables studied. Basic data to carry out production cost and further marketing research and mushroom cultivation methods are discussed as well as an integral strategy to increase mushroom consumption and profit.

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