Volume 19 Part 1 Article 36: Aerated composting. A silent practical breakthrough

Volume 19 Part 1 Article 36
Year 2016
Title: Aerated composting. A silent practical breakthrough
Author: Johan Janssen

This paper is a summary of experiences and observations at many different composting yards in Europe and Japan with aerated composting for Agaricus bisporus since 1987.

The process of balancing between increasing temperatures and absorbing water.

The practical importance of forming brown substances by Maillard reactions is expressed.

Explaining the sequence of algae, th. fungi, th. bacteria, oxidations at Maillard reactions and chemical reactions at specific temperature ranges with the effect on selectivity and structure.

The present opinion of optimal figures of pH value, moisture content, NH4 content, Nitrogen content, ash content, EC value and C/N ratio at the moment of spawning are evaluated.

The relevant pattern of on/off settings at different temperature levels will be described in this paper.

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