Volume 19 Part 1 Article 165: Mycelial Growth of Some Strains of the Wutz Anim (Dead-eye) Mushroom

Volume 19 Part 1 Article 165
Year 2016
Title: Mycelial Growth of Some Strains of the Wutz Anim (Dead-eye) Mushroom
Author: Jaime Pineda-Vázquez, René H Andrade-Gallegos, José E Sánchez, Reyna Lucero Camacho-Morales and Griselda Karina Guillén-Navarro

The Tacaná Volcano Biosphere Reserve is a very important area for the Soconusco zone, in southern Mexico; it includes different ecosystems with a variety of fauna, flora and mushrooms such as the Wutz anim group (word of the Mam ethnic group). The latter are macromycetes belonging to the Agaricaceae family characterized by being edible and have haemostatic properties. After collecting several specimens of this group and identify them by molecular means, this study aims to assess their mycelial growth in a controlled environment. The genera Lycoperdon, Holocotylon and Bovista are part of the mushroom group known as Wutz anim. The isolated strains presented a mycelial growth in the six media evaluated, with an average radial extension rate of 0.57±0.04, 0.66±0.06 and 0.77±0.2 mm per day respectively. It was observed that each genus develops better in different culture media, although no basidiomata could be obtained. This study constitutes the first report of the genus Holocotylon in the region.

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