Volume 19 Part 1 Article 162: Desert Truffles and Truffles in Morocco

Volume 19 Part 1 Article 162
Year 2016
Title: Desert Truffles and Truffles in Morocco
Author: Khabar Lahsen and Evenaar Judith

Morocco counts more than ten species of “Terfess” (Terfezia, Delastria, Picoa and Tirmania genera) and five species of truffles (genus Tuber). The terfess are harvested usually in semi-arid or arid climate in sandy-silty light soils. The forest of Mamora in the North West of Morocco, the plains of the highlands to the east and the Sahara in the South and South East are very favourable environments for the presence of these kinds of truffles. On the other hand three truffle species (Tuber rufum Pico, T. excavatum Vitt. and T.uncinatum/T. aestivum Vitt.) were collected in the Middle Atlas between 1600 and 2000 meters above sea level under subhumid and humid climate and in calcareous soils. In addition to the chain of the Middle Atlas, many other areas in Morocco, namely the High Atlas chain in central Morocco, the Rif mountains in the north chain of the uplands and the massive Debdou in eastern Morocco are areas potentially suitable for truffles given their climate (humid and sub humid) and the nature of their land (generally calcareous). The presence of truffles (genus Tuber) in these areas is likely and planting truffle seedlings seems promising. By the way the results from the first outplanting of oaks mycorrhized with Tuber melanosporum in the region of Debdou and in middle Atlas were positive.

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