Volume 19 Part 1 Article 161: On the Road of Terfess and Truffles in Morocco

Volume 19 Part 1 Article 161
Year 2016
Title: On the Road of Terfess and Truffles in Morocco
Author: Evenaar Judith, Khabar Lahsen

The first Mycotour in the world which covers both truffles as terfess as well as Morocco’s rich culture, gastronomy and nature is organized by Prof. Khabar and Judith Evenaar MSc. In December 2015 a partnership has been launched between the Wageningen Truffle Center and the University Mohamed V of Rabat. The partnership aims to raise awareness for the importance of fungi for the resilience of ecosystems and to develop a sustainable truffle chain.

Morocco is a divers country. Nature, gastronomy and culture are rich and divers. Morocco counts more than 10 species of truffles of the genera Tuber, Terfezia and Tirmania. In recent years European truffles like the summer truffle have been found in the wild in Morocco. Climate and soil conditions are excellent for cultivation of these European truffles which attract the highest prices. Three black truffle orchards were started in Middle Atlas in Debdou (2000) and Immouzer Kandar (2008 and 2014). However, indigenous desert truffles are also worth more attention.

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