Volume 19 Part 1 Article 105: The circulation agricultural technology of utilizing by Agaricus blezei

Volume 19 Part 1 Article 105
Year 2016
Title: The circulation agricultural technology of utilizing by Agaricus blezei
Author: Min-Gu Kang, Woo-Sik Jo, Woo-Hyun Kim, Suk-Hee Lee

In Korea, Cucumis melo var. makuwa (=Oriental water melon) belongs to the major fresh fruit produced from February, and 2015 year’s total output was $600 million. Growing season of oriental water melon are usually from December to July. After oriental water melon cultivation, many farmers generally choose a sesame or pepper. After second crop cultivation, farmer have to supply of fertilizers for next year’s the melons growing. Agaricus blezei are thermophilic mushroom than other well known mushroom. Our research team try to grow Agaricus blezei as second crop which is more sustainable and environmentally cultivation system than other vegetables. Agaricus blezei’s cultivation facilities are simple greenhouse which was 8M width, 50M length, and plastic vinyl coated on steel frame for growing oriental water melon. For grow a mushroom in that green house, we added only 2 facilities. First, Light-blocking film was installed to create an environment scattered light and to let down temperature. Second, Irrigation system was installed at the upper of greenhouse to make a lower temperature. As a result, it was possible to adjust that the illumination is from 30 to 350 lux and the temperature is under 30 degree except august. After preparing the these facilities, Mix of bagasse and chicken manure were fermentation at outdoor during 30 days. Compost fermentation was processed during 10 days. After fermentation, a medium was transferred to greenhouse, and spawn inoculation, spawn running, casing, watering were processed from May 20. First mushroom were harvested from 29 June. 23kg/3.3m2 of mushrooms could be harvested during four months. In particular, Because of the high temperature of August, mushroom’s harvest amount was reduced. Morphological characteristics of Agaricus blezei was so different from indoor cultivation product, but mushrooms quality was generally excellent. Spent mushroom compost’s physicochemical characteristics was analyzed for cultivation of oriental water melons. In pre-harvest, total nitrogen content of compost was 2.1%. After harvest’s total nitrogen content of compost was 1.5%. In nutritional terms of Agaricus blezei’s SMC will be a good material for oriental water melon cultivation. Using SMC on oriental water melon was currently in progress, and we knew some problems that compost’s amount is too much for oriental water melon’s fertilizer. Our research team will solve these problem and find a better compost material for these two crop combination.

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