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2016, Volume 19AuthorArticle 
Incidence and fate of Listeria monocytogenes during mushroom growing, packing, and processingLuke F. LaBorde19
Comparison of Diffusive Gas Exchange Capacity of Filtered Spawn Bags Van Nuffel J., Moreaux K., Van de Heyning R., Verfaillie M., Vergeyle P.214
Technological and innovation needs of small scale mushroom growers in EuropeDimitrios ArgJoachim Müller
yropoulos, Anton Sonnenberg,
The Use of a Respirometric Measurement System as a Valuable Tool for Optimizing Mushroom SubstratesMark Wach, Mark Bechara & Brandi Lubiniecki
From theory to practice - success in implementing drip irrigation in commercial mushroom (A. bisporus) cultivationOfer Danay, Paul Van den Berg , Dov Raz, Yoram Engel, Eran Kobi, Ilana Barski and Dan Levanon527
Drip Irrigation in Mushroom Cultivation should be Aligned with Common PracticeDov Raz, Ofer Danay, Paul Van den Berg, Yoram Engel, Eran Kobi, Ilana Barski and Dan Levanon, Pieter Van Der Meij631
Multiflex Water Supply System (WSS) for controlling the water conditions of substrates and to improve mushroom production (Agaricus bisporus)John Hermans and Jos Amsing735
A review of microbiological and chemical safety-related research on mushroom cultivation and consumption in Ghana Deborah Louisa Narh Mensah840
Assessment of Primary Production of Horticultural Safety Management System of Mushroom Farms in South AfricaGarikayi Dzingirayi and Lise Korsten944
Impact of water extract of leached spent mushroom compost (LSMC) on cultivation of button mushroom Agaricus bisporusH. Riahi, O. Hajimirzaei, Gh. Ebrahimipour and Shokri .M1049
Drying as a method of adding value and reducing losses in the mushroom industryDimitrios Argyropoulos and Joachim Müller1154
Establishing an International Flammulina Community.Arend F. van Peer
Identifying Trichoderma aggressivum within the European mushroom industryCaoimhe Fleming-Archibald, Mairéad Kilpatrick, Angela Ruggiero and Helen Grogan1365
Growth, dispersal and impact on yield of Agaricus bisporus by Trichoderma aggressivum during bulk spawn run.Mairéad Kilpatrick, Caoimhe Fleming-Archibald, David Burns, Stephen Sturgeon, Paula McPoland and Helen Grogan1470
A sensitive and quantitative test for >31 viral RNAs associated with the Mushroom Virus X diseases in both compost and mushrooms.Edward Dobbs, Greg Deakin, Julie Bennett, Caoimhe Fleming-Archibald, Helen Grogan, Ian Jones and Kerry Burton1575
Evaluation of Metrafenone against Verticillium and Cladobotryum spp. – Causal Agents of Dry Bubble and Cobweb DiseaseNancy Pyck, Patrick Sedeyn, Mia Demeulemeester and Helen Grogan1682
Evaluation of bio-fungicides for the control of fungal diseases on Agaricus bisporusDavid M Beyer, John A Pecchia, and Kimberley Paley1786
Mushroom disease detection, surveillance and farm healthWerner Rossouw, Stacey Duvenage & Lise Korsten1891
Sampling and detection of Dry Bubble (Lecanicillium sp.) on mushroom farmsGordon Rogers, Michael Kertesz, Warwick Gill, Judy Allan, Vicky Kobylski, Kasia Safianowicz, Lee Smith, Greg Seymour, John Doe, Miriam Jonson and Michael Jablonski1996
Multiplexed Detection and Relative Quantitation of Bacterial And Fungal Pathogens of MushroomsLee Smith and Keith Stanley20100
Characterization of Pseudomonas species causing brown blotch of Agaricus bisporusJan van der Wolf1, Pieter Kastelein, Marion Krijger, Marc Hendriks, Johan Baars, Jos Amsing, Theo van der Lee & Sven Warris21104
Characterisation of the viruses associated with Mushroom Virus X (MVX) and detecting MVX-associated viruses within the European mushroom industryCaoimhe Fleming-Archibald, Angela Ruggiero, Greg Deakin, Edward Dobbs, Kerry Burton and Helen Grogan22109
Finding a Suitable Biocide for Use in the Mushroom IndustrJohan Baars and Jo Rutjen23114
Mycoparasites isolated from Agaricus macrosporus in natureKiran Lakkireddy, Weeradej Khonsuntia and Ursula Kües24118
Olfactory mechanism of preferable host-Flammulina velutipes selection by the stored food mite Tyrophagus putrescentiaeShaoXuan Qu, Lin Ma, HuiPing Li and JinDi Song25122
Mushroom mites in cultures of Coprinopsis cinereaWassana Singhadaung, Mónica Navarro-Gonzaléz, Pavel Plašil, Stefan Schütz and Ursula Kües26126
Cob web and dry bubble diseases in Lentinula edodes cultivation –A new reportVP Sharma, Shweta Sharma, Satish Kumar, Mamta Gupta and Shwet Kamal27130
Investigation on Mushroom Pests and Diseases in Kenya. A Case Study of Nairobi Environs and Neighboring CountiesSusan Mwai, Mary Gateri, Mary Muchane & Raul Ondiek28135
The Influence of the Pleurotus Substrate Microbial Colonisation on the Growth of Trichoderma pleurotiIvan Jablonský, David Novotný, Rudolf Ryzner, Milan Gryndler29140
A comprehensive mathematical model to simulate the composting process for production of substrate for Agaricus bisporusAna Ribeiro and Peter J.T. Verheijen30147
Varieties in bacterial communities in compost during composting and cultivationW. de Boer, E. Kuramae, P. Klein Gunnewiek, J.J.P. Baars, H.C. van der Horst, N. Klijn31152
Use of Cold or Frozen Phase III Compost for Mushroom CultivationOscar Lahmann and Danny Rinker32156
New insights into the microbial communities and biological activities that define mushroom compostMichael Kertesz, Katarzyna Safianowicz and Tina Bell33161
Development of an NGS data analysis strategy to identify the microbial population present in mushroom compostChristof Francke, Dennis Lamers, Jéno Bongers, Nicolette Klijn, Caroline van der Horst and Christien Lokman34166
The use of corn stover to replace straw in compost formulations for the production of Agaricus bisporusJohn A Pecchia, David M Beyer and Xiao Li35170
Aerated composting. A silent practical breakthroughJohan Janssen36175
A technology for early fruiting in Lentinula edodes cultivation (Shiitake mushroom)VP Sharma, Shweta Sharma, Satish Kumar and Shwet Kamal37180
Utilization of locally available biomass for cultivation of Calocybe indica mushroomAjay Singh, Himanshi Rathore, Shalinee Prasad and Satyawati Sharma and Sujata Makkar38185
Impact of compost supplemented with waste paper and anaerobically digested food waste on cultivation of edible mushroom Coprinus comatus (O.F. Müll.) Pers.Agnieszka Jasińska, Ewelina Wojciechowska, Ketil Stoknes and Włodzimierz Krzesiński39190
Yield and economic viability of two indigenous strains of Lentinus squarrosulus cultivated on composted sawdust of various tropical woodsDeborah Louisa Narh Mensah, Mary Obodai, Jeremiah Lartey-Brown, Juanita Prempeh40195
Cultivation Potential of Lentinus giganteus (Urupaha): A Wild Edible Mushroom of Sri LankaD G A Namalee, H M R Sarasi, Srimathi Udugama, K L Waasantha Kumara41200
Technology Transfer of Yanagi matsutake (Agrocybe Cylindracea) Production to Thai CroftersMarnoch Amornmongkol, Todsaporn Thongthieng, and Sermsiri Mayteeworakoon
A study of 10 years Brazilian Mushroom market developmentBueno.S.F.43210
New Approach to Introduce Oyster Mushroom Farming to Potential Growers in South AfricaSusan Koch, Thabang Nkgau, Igenicious Hlerema, Elna Van der Linde & Martmari Van Greuning44216
The effectiveness of the oyster mushroom growing on the locally available substrates in rural regions of Africa and EuropeMartin Pavlík and Peace Byandusya45221
Retail Agaricus bisporus mushrooms good source of vitamin D in Australian food supplyGlenn Cardwell46228
Increasing vitamin D2 content of cultivated mushrooms by processing and dryinNils Nölle, Dimitrios Argyropoulos, Stefan Ambacher, Joachim Müller, Hans Konrad Biesalski47232
Extracts of vitamin D2 enriched Lentinula edodes (Shiitake) mushrooms as anti-inflammatory, immune-modulatory agentsDan Levanon, Sharon Avni, Ariel Drori, Yehudit Shabat, Ami Ben Yaakov, Lidya Zolotarov, Yaron Ilan, Ofer Danay48237
Mushrooms and Health Global Initiative: Communicating nutrition researchMary Jo Feeney, Greg Seymour49241
Taste components of Lentinula edodesWen Li, Wanchao Chen, Yan Yang, Hailong Yu and Jie Feng50245
Identification of key taste compounds for A. bisporus mushrooms (Forestiere®, Heirloom and XXX)Charlene Connolly, Juan Valverde, Jesus Frias and Catherine Barry-Ryan51249
Nutritional and Sensory attributes of cookies as influenced by addition of L.edodes powderShalinee Prasad, Himanshi Rathore, Satyawati Sharma, Ajay Singh Yadav
Food for the poorest, a case of applied ecology on the African equatorKanyama J., Mwinyi Waziri Y., Lebisabo C., Nshimba Seya wa Malale H., Verfaillie M. and Rammeloo J.53258
Antiproliferative Activity of Protein Extracts from Lignosus tigris (Chon S. Tan) on MCF7 cell lineShin-Yee Fung, Boon-Hong Kong, Nget-Hong Tan, Chon-Seng Tan and Szu-Ting Ng54263
A New Analytical Fingerprinting Method for Quality Control of Medicinal Mushroom ProductsJeff Chilton55267
Enhancement of nutritional and nutraceutical properties of Calocybe indica by UVB irradiationHimanshi Rathore, Shalinee Prasad, Satyawati Sharma, and Ajay Singh Yadav56272
The Medicinal Properties and Efficacy of Cultivated Tiger Milk Mushroom (Lignosus rhinocerotis TM02)Tan C.S., Fung S.Y., Tan N.H., Ting K.N., Lee M.K., Renee Lim L.H., and Ng S.T.57276
Mushroom immunomodulation and germplasm: variation between and within mushroom species and perspectives for applicationArjen Schots, Ruud H.P. Wilbers, Lotte B. Westerhof, Betty C.A.M van Esch, Johan Garssen, Anton S.M. Sonnenberg58281
Water-Soluble Polysaccharides from Pleurotus pulmonarius are resistant to human digestion systemKimteck Leow and Ahmad Rosma59285
Development of a Revised UPOV Guideline for New Agaricus Mushroom VarietiesSergio Semon60291
The typical life cycle of the button mushroom Agaricus bisporus var. bisporus: Implications for breeding and protection of new cultivarsAnton S.M. Sonnenberg, Brian Lavrijssen, Patrick Hendrickx, Marie-Foulongne-Oriol, Won-Sik Kong & Johan Baars61296
Redefinition of straw mushroom Volvariella volvacea as a bipolar heterothallic fungusBingzhi Chen, Arend F. van Peer, Junjie Yan, Xiao Li, Bin Xie, Juan Miao, Qianhui Huang, Wei Wang, Junsheng Fu, Xiang Zhang, Xiaoyin Zhang, Fengli Hu, Qingfang Kong, Feng Zou, Baogui Xie62301
Next Generation Sequencing and Agaricus bisporus breedingMark Loftus, Michelle Schultz, Michael Kessler, Mark Wach & Richard Kerrigan63305
Development and yield evaluation of non-browning hybrids in button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus)Manjit Singh, Shwet Kamal and Mamta Gupta64309
Association Analysis of Seven Agronomic Traits with SSR Markers in Chinese Cultivation Germplasm of Lentinula edodesLujun Zhang, Xiaodong Shang, Chunyan Song, Dan Zhang, Hailong Yu, Qi Tan65313
Regulation of fruiting body development in Coprinopsis cinereaUrsula Kües, Shanta Subba, Yidong Yu, Mandira Sen, Weeradej Khonsuntia, Wassana Singhaduang, Karin Lange and Kiran Lakkireddy66318
Establishment of a crossbreeding system for the ectomycorrhizal mushroom Rhizopogon roseolusNorihiro Shimomura, Shota Nakano, Qi Gao and Tadanori Aimi67323
Effect of Temperature Treatment on Myceliel Growth Rate Distribution Patterns of 164 Self-bred Dikaryons from Lentinula edodes L808Song Chunyan, Yang Xiaochun, Zhang Dan, Xi Lipin, Zhang Lujun, Yu Hailong, Shang Xiaodong, Tan Qi68327
Molecular characterization of browning resistant hybrids of button mushroom using retro-element based markersShwet Kamal, Mamta Gupta, Manjit Singh, Om Parkash Ahlawat, Ramesh Chandra Upadhyay, Ved Parkash Sharma69332
Interruption of a MSH4 Homolog in Pleurotus ostreatus is Responsible for the Absence of Spore ProductionBrian Lavrijssen, Johan JP Baars, Anton SM Sonnenberg70337
Studies on Tricholoma giganteum and Agaricus bisporus Protoplast Fusion BreedingMeihua Mo, Dawei Liang, Jiangwei Ma71341
Increasing carbohydrate degradation in compost during commercial mushroom production of Agaricus bisporus?A.M. Vos, E. Jurak, G. Pels, K. Scholtmeijer, B. Bonnet, L.G. lugones, M. Kabel, H.A.B. Wösten72347
Fate of Lignin and Substituted Xylan during Commercial Cultivation of Agaricus bisporusMirjam Kabel, Edita Jurak, Aleksandrina Patyshakuliyeva, Ronald de Vries, Harry Gruppen73350
How (post-)genomic insights can provide new leads for improvements of mushroom cultivationAleksandrina Patyshakuliyeva, Harm Post, Miaomiao Zhou, Edita Jurak, Albert Heck, Kristiina S. Hildén, Mirjam Kabel, Miia R. Mäkelä, Maarten Altelaar, Ronald P. de Vries74355
Gene expression patterns of Pleurotus ostreatus under heat stress revealed by genomic and transcriptomic dataJibin Qu, Xiuming Liu, Mengran Zhao, Chenyang Huang, Tom Hsiang, Jinxia Zhang75360
Towards standardizing taxonomic ranks using divergence times – a case study for reconstruction of the Agaricus taxonomic system Rui-Lin Zhao1, Jun-Liang Zhou, Jie Chen, Simona Margaritescu, Santiago Sánchez-Ramírez, Kevin D Hyde, Philippe Callac, Luis A. Parra8, Guo-Jie Li, Jean-Marc Moncalvo76366
African mycodiversity, a huge potential for mushroom trade and industryJérôme Degreef, Laurent Demuynck, Simon Dibaluka, Isaac Diansambu, Bill Kasongo, Assumpta Mukandera, Benoît Nzigidahera, Nourou S. Yorou and André De Kesel77371
Spawn cryopreservation of Pleurotus pulmonarius and Lentinula edodes strainsGerardo Mata, Rosalía Pérez Merlo, Jean-Michel Savoie78379
Domestication of Wild Edible Mushrooms in Eastern Africa: A Review of Research Advances and Future ProspectsSusan Mwai and Nyawira Muchane79384
Adapting the Commercial Cultivation Technique of Lepista Nuda to Obtain a Constant Production and Non-stop Supply of VolumesPatrick Sedeyn, Nancy Pyck, Mia Demeulemeester80389
Successful commercial cultivation of morels in ChinaTang Jie, He Xiao-Lan, Chen Ying, Peng Wei-Hong, Jiang Lin, Xie Li-Yuan, Huang Zhong-Qian and Gan Bing-Cheng81393
Induction of salt tolerance in Rhizopogon roseolus by ethyl methanesulfonateQi Gao, Shota Nakano, Tadanori Aimi and Norihiro Shimomura82399
Development of suitable irrigation regime for a summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) orchard in IsraelOfer Danay, Nirit Ezov, Yoram Luzzati and Dan Levanon83403
Re-domesticating Termitomyces fungi for human consumptionSabine M.E. Vreeburg, Bas J. Zwaan, Duur K. Aanen84407
Computer Control in Mushroom Growing in 2020Felix Lamber85
Effect of Pulsed Electric Fields on Proximate Composition and Bioactive Compounds in Mushrooms Cultivated in La Rioja, SpainMónica Mendiola Lanao, Vanessa Grifoll García, Irene Roncero Ramos, Margarita Pérez Clavijo, Cristina Delgado Andrade, Olga Martín Belloso86
New Applicator for the Wood Destroying Fungi InoculationMartin Pavlík, Martin Pavlík jr.87
Characterization of genes associated with antifungal activity of a bacterium against mushroom pathogen Trichoderma virideLin Ma, Xiaoqiang Wang, Peng Deng, Sonya M. Baird, and Shi-En Lu88
High-throughput screening of microorganisms and plant extracts with antifungal activity against T.aggressivumS.J.W. Hakken, E. Lagendijk, A. Thiele, C. van der Horst, C.A.M.J.J. van den Hondel and B.C. Lokman89
Effectiveness of chlorothalonil, metrafenone and prochloraz-Mn on dry bubble disease (Lecanicillium fungicola)Gea, Francisco J., Carrasco Jaime, and Navarro, María J.90
Chemical control of mushroom cobweb disease caused by Cladobotryum mycophilumJaime Carrasco, María J. Navarro, Milagrosa Santos and Francisco J. Gea91
Toxicity of Chlorothalonil, Metrafenone and Prochloraz-Mn Fungicides towards Agaricus bisporus: In vitro and In vivo EvaluationNavarro, M.J.; Carrasco, J.; Gea, F.J.92
Diversity of Bacillus spp. strains during Agaricus bisporus substrate production and their antagonistic activity against four Trichoderma speciesOlja Stanojević, Svetlana Milijašević-Marčić, Ivana Potočnik, Miloš Stepanović, Ivica Dimkić, Slaviša Stanković and Tanja Berić93
Antimicrobial activity of biochemical substances against pathogens of cultivated mushroom in SerbiaI. Potočnik, R. Đurović-Pejčev, E. Rekanović, M. Stepanović, B. Todorović, S. Milijašević-Marčić94
Monitoring of bacterial diseases of Agaricus bisporus in SerbiaSvetlana Milijašević-Marčić, Biljana Todorović, Miloš Stepanović, Bojan Duduk, Jelena Stepanović, Emil Rekanović, Ivana Potočnik95
Evaluation of a native Bacillus subtilis strain for biological control of green mould disease in Agaricus bisporus cultivationI.Potočnik, M. Stepanović, B. Todorović, B. Duduk, J. Stepanović,
E. Rekanović, S. Milijašević-Marčić
Mushroom tumor: A new disease on Flammulina velutipes caused by Ochrobactrum pseudogrignonenseZhipeng Wu, Weihong Peng, Xiaolan He, Bo Wang, Bingcheng Gan, Xiaoping Zhang97
Bioprotection of the cultivated mushroom Agaricus bisporus by Bacillus subtilis biofilmsC. Pandin, R. Védie, T. Rousseau, A. Canette1, J. Deschamps, S. Aymerich, D. Le Coq, R. Briandet98
Occurrence and characterisation of strains Trichoderma pleuroti from the Czech RepublicDavid Novotný, Ivan Jablonský, Matěj Pánek99
Identifying Trichoderma aggressivum Volatile Compounds During a Phase III Spawn RunGarrett Morrison, David Beyer, Ryan Elias, John Pecchia101
Insecticidal Activity of Two Plant Extracts against Lycoriella sp.(Diptera: Sciaridae) in Button Mushroom CultivationByung-Joo Lee, Mi-Ae Lee, Yong-Gyun Kim102
The Effect of Different Substrates and Disinfection Treatments on Yield in Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) CultivationHatice Kurtcephe and Ersin Polat103
Cellulases production by a White Rot Fungus using grape pulp as substrateBelhamiche Nabila, Duchiron Francis, Copinet Estelle, Benallaoua Said104
The circulation agricultural technology of utilizing by Agaricus blezeiMin-Gu Kang, Woo-Sik Jo, Woo-Hyun Kim, Suk-Hee Lee105
Different approaches for Hericium erinaceus spawn in the perspective of gluten free productsSavino E., Girometta C., Baiguera R.M., Cesaroni V., Guglielminetti M.L., Rodolfi M., Rossi P., Picco A.M.106
Optimization of Ganoderma Lucidum Cultivation and Comparison of Bioactive Compounds in Fruiting Bodies, Spores and MyceliumMargarita Pérez-Clavijo, Maria Luisa Tello-Martín, Irene Roncero-Ramos, Vanessa Grifoll-García107
Efficacy of spent blewit mushroom (Clitocybe nuda) compost for controlling vegetable crop diseasesJin-Tong Chen, Jenn-Wen Huang, Mei-Ju Lin, Chiou-Li Lin108
Goody water in compost production – a valuable microbial inoculum or a source of disease?K. M. Safianowicz, T. Bell and M. A. Kertesz110
A Genomic Approach to Understanding and Improving Mushroom Compost UtilisationKeith Dunne, Martin-Timothy O`Donoghue, Helen Grogan, Kerry Burton and Mary Heneghan111
A Deep Exploration Into the Microbial Community in an Experimental Composting Condition for Agaricus bisporus CultivationFabrício R. Vieira and John A. Pecchia112
NIR hyperspectral imaging to characterize spent mushroom substrate package without destructive preparationMaogui Wei, Paul Geladi, Shaojun Xiong113
Unleashing the Potential of Mushroom Value Addition in IndiaDr. Lulu Das114
Fungal Immunomodulatory Protein from Tiger Milk Mushroom, Lignosus rhinocerotisRenee Lim Lay Hong, Thandeka Z Gambule, Ng Szu Ting, Tan Chon Seng, Fung Shin Yee,Tan Nget Hong, Ayesha Fatima, Chong Chin Hung, Vigneshraaj Pushparajah115
The Cultivation of Ganoderma leucocontextum in TibetWeiping Xiong116
Screening study of ß-glucan content in commercial and wild mushroom speciesMiriam Sari, Reinhard Hambitzer, Jan Lelley117
Lignosus rhinocerotis on Airway Muscle RelaxationMei Kee Lee, Chon-Seng Tan, Szu Ting Ng, Kuan Hon Lim, Kang Nee Ting118
Nepalese Wild Mushrooms: A Treasure Trove of Various Biological ActivitiesSonam Tamrakar, Hai Bang Tran, Marina Nishida, Satoru Kaifuchi, Hiroto Suhara, Katsumi Doi, Katsuya Fukami, Gopal Prasad Parajuli, Kuniyoshi Shimizu119
Evaluation of 5α-Reductase Inhibitory Activity of Certain Herbs Useful as AntiandrogensAlok Nahata120
Suitability of Pink Oyster Mushroom for Rainy Season Cultivation in the Below Mean Sea Level Tracts of KuttanadReeny Mary Zacharia, Dhanya Das, Suma Divakar, Thomas George, S. Leenakumary122
Free-Radical Scavenging and Metabolic Activities of Cultured Mycelium of Paecilomyces Hepiali ExtractsLucia Ungvarská Maľučká, Jarmila Harvanová, Zdenka Bedlovičová, Ján Mojžiš, Martin Pavlík, Miriam Bačkorová and Martin Rajtar124
Effect of Different Cooking Methods on Nutritional Value and Antioxidant Activity in Cultivated MushroomsMargarita Pérez-Clavijo, Irene Roncero-Ramos, Cristina Delgado-Andrade, Mónica Mendiola-Lanao and Vanessa Grifoll-García125
Method with High-Throughput Screening Potential Using E. coli Biosensor Enables Searching for Bioactive Compounds from FungiJenni Tienaho, Tytti Sariala, Riina Muilu-Mäkelä, Jesús Martin, Olga Genilloud, Robert Franzén and Matti Karp126
Proximate Composition, β-Glucan Content, Dietary Fibre and Antioxidant Activity in Mushrooms Cultivated in La Rioja, SpainMónica Mendiola-Lanao, Irene Roncero-Ramos, Vanessa Grifoll-García, Margarita Pérez-
Clavijo, Cristina Delgado-Andrade and Olga Martín-Belloso
Antioxidant Activity of Submerged Mycelium, Culture Filtrate and Fruiting Body of Clavariadelphus TruncatusMustafa Yamaç, Göksu Ceylan, Mustafa Kemal Babayiğit, Selen Yüzüak, Melike Börühan Çetin128
Cultivation of Chaga in Low-productive Peatland Forests - Comparison of Antioxidative Properties of Conks and InoculantsEira-Maija Savonen, Niko Silvan, Tytti Sarjala129
Influence of Grifola frondosa polysaccharide on preventive effects of avian influenza inactivated vaccineDing Hai-cheng, Zhou Chang-yan, Liu Cheng-chu130
Enhancement of the ergothioneine in shiitake (Lentinula edodes) fruiting bodies through sawdust media with different nitrogen sourcesJi Heon Park, Se Hun Kim, Rhim Ryoo and Sung Suk Lee132
In vitro Prebiotic Activity of Pleurotus Ostreatus PolysaccharidesEsra Türsen, Mustafa Yamaç, Zeki Yıldız133
The Diet Composed of One Portion of Meat, Vegetable and Mushroom Respectively Contributes to a Healthy and Stable Food Structure for Human BeingHan Shenghua134
Mushroom: Biodiversity of Indigenous species in the Niger Delta Region of NigeriaAdedokun O. M., Kyalo M, Gnonlonfin B.J, Wainaina J, Harvey J135
Genome Sequence of the Edible Mushroom Lentinula edodes (shiitake) Reveals Insights into Lignocellulose DegradationLianfu Chen, Yuhua Gong, Yingli Cai, Wei Liu, Yan Zhou, Yang Xiao, Zhangyi Xu, Yin Liu, Xiaoyu Lei, Gangzheng Wang, Mengpei Guo, Xiaolong Ma and Yinbing Bian136
Comparison Between Mycelial Growth and Morphogenesis of Fruiting of Agaricus bisporus in High TemperatureYoun-Lee Oh, Kab-Yeul Jang, Youn-Keol Nam, Eun-Seon Kim, Minji Oh, Pyung-Gyun Shin, Won-Sik Kong and In-Gul Choi137
On the usefulness of cytometric tools to select homokaryons in Agaricus bisporusM. Foulongne-Oriol, B. Buzzi-Amillano, M. Moinard, C. Spataro, S. Rousseau, S. Bitadeau, A. Rodier138
Genetic transformation of the model basidiomycete Coprinopsis cinereaB. Dörnte and U. Kües139
Asexual spores as means for de-dikaryotization of myceliaWeeradej Khonsuntia, Susanna Badalyan, Shanta Subba, Mandira Sen, Ursula Kües140
Characterization of some developmental regulators in the mushroom Coprinopsis cinereaWeeradej Khonsuntia, Bastian Dörnte and Ursula Kües141
Genetic linkage mapping for Pleurotus tuoliensis by genome-wide genotyping, 2b-RAD approachWei Gao, Jinxia Zhang, Chenyang Huang, Jibin Qu, Qiang Chen, Xiangli Wu, Zhiheng Qiu142
Characteristics of Korean Variety ‘Sae-Ah’, Agaricus bisporus, developed by Genetic Pholymorphism AnalysisKab-Yeul Jang, Youn-Lee Oh, Eun-Sun Kim, Minji Oh, Pyung-Gyun Shin and Won-Sik Kong143
Expression analysis of polysaccharide hydrolyzing enzyme genes from Tricholoma matsutakeiroki Onuma, Yasuhisa Fukuta, and Norifumi Shirasaka145
Fruiting body development of Schizophyllum commune on twigs and branchesUrsula Kües, Karin Lange and Kiran Lakkireddy146
Characteristics of new cultivar ‘Pyogo(Lentinula edodes)’ growing on natural logs or in eco-friendly sawdust bagsRhim Ryoo, Kang-Hyeon Ka, Myung Kil Kim, Sung Suk Lee and Don-Ha Choi147
Individualization of nucleus from mycelium of edible mushrooms using fluorescence dyeingSe Hun Kim, Rhim Ryoo, Kang-Hyeon Ka and Myung Kil Kim148
De novo assembly of the Pleurotus ostreatus CCEF89 hyphea transcriptome and identification of candidate unigenes and enzymes related to decomposing processXue-Jun Wu , Qi An, Yu-Cheng Dai149
Purification and Characterization Xylan Degrading Enzyme from Micelium of Tricholoma matsutakeK.Kamei, Y. Fukuta, H. Onuma, N. Shirasaka150
Expression analysis of protease genes of Lentinula edodes in culture periodsYasuhisa Fukuta, Norifumi Shirasaka151
Understanding the nutritional requirements of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sp.) grown in axenic cultureClaudia Carrasco-Cabrera, Tina Bell, Michael A. Kertesz152
Effects of NO and Trehalose on Heat Stress Responses in Pleurotus eryngii var. tuoliensisXiangli Wu, Lijuan Meng, Weiwei Kong, Chenyang Huang, Jinxia Zhang153
Establishment of Lentinula edodes core collections in ChinaJun Liu, Chuang Li, Xingjie Xiang, Chaoju nMa, Yinbing Bian, Yang Xiao154
Diversity and Domestication of Wild Edible Species of Genus Lentinus from North West HimalayasMunruchi Kaur155
Conservation Methodology Development and Creation of a Fungal Genetic Resource Collection of Wild Fungi in La Rioja (Spain)Mª Luisa Tello-Martín, Margarita Pérez Clavijo156
First record and molecular Identification of Amanita manginiana in JordanAhmad mohamad Almomany, Hanan Aref Hasan and Ayed Alabdallat158
Composition of Composted Waste Paper Casing in Coprinus Comatus CultivationAgnieszka Jasińska, Ewelina Wojciechowska, Mirosław Mleczek, Włodzimierz Krzesiński159
Influence of some management practices on the fruiting of Amanita caesarea in a chestnut groveCamacho M., Daza A., Romero de la Osa L., Manjón J.L., Santamaría C.160
On the Road of Terfess and Truffles in MoroccoEvenaar Judith, Khabar Lahsen161
Desert Truffles and Truffles in MoroccoKhabar Lahsen and Evenaar Judith162
Mycorrhization, myceliar growth and basidiospores germination of some species of BoletaceaeParola S., Vannini C., Panno L.163
Production of Bjerkandera adusta's ligninolytic enzymes on lignocellulosic substrates by solid state fermentationBelhamiche Nabila, Duchiron Francis, Benallaoua Said164
Mycelial Growth of Some Strains of the Wutz Anim (Dead-eye) MushroomJaime Pineda-Vázquez, René H Andrade-Gallegos, José E Sánchez, Reyna Lucero Camacho-Morales and Griselda Karina Guillén-Navarro165
Characterization of Commercially and Wild White Pleurotus Based on Fruiting Body Production and Protein ContentLisdar Idwan Sudirman 166
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